June’s “Name This Dish” Contest Winner

by in Food Network Magazine, August 7th, 2012

Hot Dog Sandwich
Each month, thousands of Food Network Magazine readers submit clever names for the back page’s Name This Dish contest. Previous dishes include bite-sized cakes (winning name: “Swirly Temples”), crab-stuffed mushrooms (“Surf ‘N Earth”) and even an egg tart (“Breakfast in Bread”). In the June 2012 issue, we asked you to dream up names for this hot dog sandwich (pictured above). Some of our favorites were:

Pigs in a Bunk Bed
Milagros Swerdlow
New Wilmington, Pa.

Piggyback Stack
Dave DeSario
Brightwaters, N.Y.

The Smokestack
Karine Ringenberg
Hanover, Ontario

The Hot Dog Dagwood
Sharon DeGroot
Neenah, Wis.

Pup Pup and Away
Janet Piening
Glenside, Pa.

Pork Knox Sandwich
Rachel Kronlund
Burnaby, B.C.

The Hot Dogs Stand
Anne Bonesteel
Tulare, Calif.

The Dogwood
Shannon Swanson
Springfield, Mo.

On Top of Old Smokies
Adrienne Fortino
Aurora, Ontario

The Dog Pile
Molly McGuire
Homewood, Ala.

But the winner, Kendra Arrowood of Weaverville, N.C., really hit the mark when she dubbed it “Triple Dog Dare.” Want to take a stab at naming this month’s portable treat? (It’s pictured below.) If you come up with the most fun, unexpected and inventive name, you could win $500 to spend on FoodNetworkStore.com. Click here to enter and check back next month to see the winning name for July’s patriotic potato salad.
Portable Treat

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Comments (552)

  1. CarolS says:

    Road-Ready Raspberry Reward

  2. Liz Martin says:

    Shorty’s Raspberry Dream Dunk

  3. Mareena Jerrish says:

    Sinful Quartette !!!

  4. MARYLYN says:

    Berries Stripes….!!!

  5. Skye Flegg says:

    Twirl,treat,to go

  6. Beth Johnson says:

    Sweet dreams raspberries n' cream

  7. madecar says:

    "Berry" White's Chocolate Cream

  8. Cheyenne Giere says:

    Chocolate Raspberry Dream Cream Dessert

  9. Laurie Wigglesworth says:

    Razberry D Lite

  10. Jackie Jones says:

    Raspberry Mini-Trifle Chocolat

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