$24 in 24: The Sandwich King, Jeff Mauro, Has a Brand-New Show

by in Food Network Chef, Shows, August 21st, 2012

jeff mauro 24 in 24
Sandwich King Jeff Mauro joins the Food Network prime-time lineup this fall with a new half-hour series called $24 in 24, where Jeff discovers the best cheap local eats in cities across America. Each week, he’ll hit a new locale with a budget of just $24 to find the tastiest breakfast, lunch and dinner in town.

From unexpected mom and pop shops to globally inspired spots, Jeff’s coast-to-coast journey proves great food doesn’t have to break the bank. But can you really find good food for just $24? You absolutely can: “The beauty of this great country is that you can always find plenty of great food for a great price. There are so many interesting and affordable unearthed joints strewn about the ethnic enclaves that are so common in even the smallest of American cities,” Jeff added. He continued to say that showcasing great, family-run establishments that haven’t had much publicity and celebrating their food is one of his favorite things about this new show. “That, and watching myself eat on camera, which is always ultra-sexy!”

Jeff hits Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York City and Philadelphia in the first season of $24 in 24, which premieres Monday, September 24, at 10:30pm ET/PT.

Don’t worry, Sandwich King fans: Jeff Mauro returns for a third season of sandwich madness on Saturday, September 9, at 10:30AM ET/PT. The difference between the two shows? “It’s not just sandwiches! The first location I felt like I cheated on my main man sando, but it’s been fun knife-and-forking-it through America,” Jeff said. “I’m also theoretically consuming fewer carbs!”

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Comments (129)

  1. Lois Layne says:

    Ok – so I'm still watching the show. I am getting a little tired of defending the show but have to watch the train wreck that is named Jeff. Yes, the New York show is a must see. Poor manners!!! How can he just go into a store and treat these owners so poorly. Making stereotypical jokes. Just mean.

    FN – please oh please leave this show on. Love all these comments

    • steve says:

      hey Lois – pls provide details – was preoccupied with other stuff on the tv last night and totally missed it

      • Lois Layne says:

        @steve – from the get go – perfect example. Jeff goes to a bagel shop and literally acts the clown while making bagels with the owner. A little Andrew Dice Clay. . . but mostly acting the fool. Maybe select a lower calorie item – bacon cheese with cream cheese?? really, I guess 24 in 24 does not include fat and calorie counts.

        Also – they way he eats. Not the best choice for visual appeal.

    • Katherine Yarborough says:

      Can you please give me the names of the bagel and the pizza places he ate at. I have a son and a daughter in law in Brooklyn (just back from 6 years in Shanghai) and I would love to send them gift certificates for my son's birthday next month. She is vegetarian and he isn't and I believe that they could take both of their skinny selves to these places and enjoy the food.
      Many thanks for any help that you can give me,
      Katherine (woodswhole@gmail.com)

  2. Lois Layne says:

    One more thing . . . I think Jeff, Guy, Mario, etc needs to take the lead of Paula Dean. Please for the love o' god lose some weight. Do you know that belly fat is a leading indicator for diabetes, hypertension, heart attack, and stroke. You can still eat – moderation is the word and the 2nd word is exercise.

  3. XLR8RBC says:

    Don't get me wrong. I think Jeff has a good personality for the Food Network and I wish him well. I liked the Sandwich King. That being said, the concept of this show ( 24 in 24) is just wrong, on so many levels. $24 in 24 hours? 3 decent meals and a snack? Not likely in the real world of North America. FYI: A crappy McD combo here in Vancouver will set you back about $9.00. I figure you'd have to pay around $4.00 for each meal/snack, before tax and tip, to get under $24.00 Ya sure, maybe in 1970. NEXT CONCEPT!

  4. William says:

    Uhh no complaints really but the maths off a little. Breakfast to lunch to dinner say 7 am til 7 pm is 12 hours not 24 hours

  5. Sarah Lee says:

    Oh the Philly show!! I love, love, love this show sooooooo much. Can't say much for the food selection but Oh Bam the comments from Jeff. Make Bobby Flay look like a Rhodes Scholar – KaPow!! Jeff is a 'good o'boy' that likes his food – REALLY likes his food -YAYAYAYAYAA!!! Not much good or competent commentary except for Cheese, meat, and what he can get for free. ZINGA. . . and that catch of the candy for posting on Facebook. AWWWWE Zowee!!. Yes, these are his sound effects makes the show blow . . . up.

    Also, it's a great reminder to go on a diet starting Tuesday after the show.

    • steve says:

      I don't know, I think the comments and guttural sounds appeal to the cavemen out there and that's a demographic that the food network has not really paid any attention to since the loss of Meat and Potatoes – sorry Geico – food network is bringing back the cool cavemen

    • Dru Breeze says:

      You all are mean people. I can't think of anything worse than someone picking on these Jeff when he's doing a great job. It's a show for gosh sakes. It's not like he's running for office or testifying in court. . . don't take it literally – it's not like he's not eating other food outside of the $24 on the show. Geez do you think he got that big by following the rules? sorry Jeff not big – just well fed.

      Keep the show going – it's a super distraction when we have folks without any food to eat and can't feed their families.

      • Elias Webb says:

        does Food Network pay any attention to all these comments – good and mostly bad about this or any show? or do they sit in their pretty little office and think of stupid show concepts so they can use the 'winners' of the next food network star? instead of next food network star, how about the next food network real person

      • Paulina Deans says:

        Crying shame hat you'all don't respect the power of the all mighty dollar and give the show a chance. Really, it's a great show – don't know much about those city Jack visits but they looks good to me. Darn it if it isn't more for the dollar than I could imagine.

        I may take myself to these places to eats me some good o' food.

        • Elias Webb says:

          scrapple – really – yes fine it's a local dish – but really – bits and pieces of ??? – yuck

          • Paulina Deans says:

            Scrapple is a staple for them people – don't be disrespectful about dishes from other countries. Jack makes the best of it when he goes out west to Philidelphia. The food is a little different than what we eats in America.

          • Elias Webb says:

            but did he have to make THE FACE when he said SCRAPPLE – looked like he was constipated or had indigestion

            I see him and want to make THE FACE too

  6. Emkay says:

    I agree the math is deceptive. Most meals he doesn't even have anything to drink. Try again.

  7. Marc in MI says:

    I am a huge fan of many shows on the Food Network but yours is absolutely insulting. The federal government allows an individual who has declared bankruptcy in the state of Michigan, $9 a day for food. In December I will have completed 60 months of a Chapter 13 case and my family of 5 adults was allowed $45 a day. $24 per person is living large! You should have known this before creating a show like yours.

  8. I like this website its a master peace ! Glad I detected this on google .

    • stephen says:

      there is no place in the world that I have been to that 'includes the tip' in the total charge of the food bill – the one exception I see – the really large group that has tip added in – Jeff is showing what a major cheap @ss he is (and by the way – most of the Chicago area has disowned the dou#eb@g)

    • Linda K says:

      This is a great show – quit busting on the guy. He got the show because of his talent for eating. Plus, while he eats, he's helping those little critters and bugs that hang around is ankles since only 10% of the food actually made it into his mouth.

      On the LA show- gotta watch it, its soooo bad (that's bad in the BAD way) you just can't look away. . . .but I digres, eating at the Greek store was a great "AH HA" moment. Why pay for food when you can eat the free samples. Why didn't I think of that before – I could have bought myself the Bentley by taking my kids in for the freebies instead of paying the poor owner for food. UGH – lesson learned!!

      • stephen says:

        reminds me of the hoard that congregates at Costco on free sample day – how disgusting to stuff endless little morsels into your mouth – talk about entitlement – but hey – if that is what FN supports to end hunger in America …

  9. great post … Jeff Mauro's sandwiches r great

  10. kathleen says:

    I love Jeff and his show, not the same ol' same ol Chefs. Whatever he prepares, you wish you were there to eat them also.

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