$24 in 24: The Sandwich King, Jeff Mauro, Has a Brand-New Show

by in Food Network Chef, Shows, August 21st, 2012

jeff mauro 24 in 24
Sandwich King Jeff Mauro joins the Food Network prime-time lineup this fall with a new half-hour series called $24 in 24, where Jeff discovers the best cheap local eats in cities across America. Each week, he’ll hit a new locale with a budget of just $24 to find the tastiest breakfast, lunch and dinner in town.

From unexpected mom and pop shops to globally inspired spots, Jeff’s coast-to-coast journey proves great food doesn’t have to break the bank. But can you really find good food for just $24? You absolutely can: “The beauty of this great country is that you can always find plenty of great food for a great price. There are so many interesting and affordable unearthed joints strewn about the ethnic enclaves that are so common in even the smallest of American cities,” Jeff added. He continued to say that showcasing great, family-run establishments that haven’t had much publicity and celebrating their food is one of his favorite things about this new show. “That, and watching myself eat on camera, which is always ultra-sexy!”

Jeff hits Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York City and Philadelphia in the first season of $24 in 24, which premieres Monday, September 24, at 10:30pm ET/PT.

Don’t worry, Sandwich King fans: Jeff Mauro returns for a third season of sandwich madness on Saturday, September 9, at 10:30AM ET/PT. The difference between the two shows? “It’s not just sandwiches! The first location I felt like I cheated on my main man sando, but it’s been fun knife-and-forking-it through America,” Jeff said. “I’m also theoretically consuming fewer carbs!”

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Comments (129)

  1. Hilda VonGerichten says:

    The restaurant industry is hard enough to make money in and here is another show promoting NO TIPPING!!! You and Rachel Ray need to live in the real world!!

    • jack says:

      new show for FN – Biggest Loser FN edition – starring Sandwich Fool, Guy, Big Daddy, Barefoot Contessa, Aaron Sanchez and that big Iron Chef dude

  2. Lana L says:


  3. Julian King says:

    You all are mean. Jeff is a working man that is just trying to give you some information and entertain you on the way.

    Give him a break – if you have to hate, hate on the makers not the talking heads

    • stephen says:

      he's not a talking head – he's a puppet for the FN execs – eat like I do – it's only $24 a day – forget cholesterol – there are meds for that, don't drink anything – there's kidney transplants if you screw that up and most importantly – DON'T TIP YOUR SERVER – counter or table service – tips are how these people make a living – they are the 47% that someone out there doesn't care about

      • stephen says:

        That is gonna be the name and premise of the next food network show – the next FN star should pitch that idea – original and all so true

  4. Heather says:

    I have only watched 2 shows, and on both shows they spotlight the specials and his orders. I have noticed they place his order and the specials on the table, he not only eats his order but the other things on the other plates on the table as well. For instance todays shows was in cincinatti and they featured corned beef. He had corned beef hash 2eggs and rye toast for 4 bucks. But right at the end he picked up the corned beef sandwich that they had also placed on the table and was eating that too. Did he pay for that sandwich did not look like it. If this show is going to truely be 24 bucks in 24 hours. He needs not to take freebies or at least not show it on camera. In order to prove the point of being able to get enough good food to eat in a day for that budget. So for that im not going to be watching that show anymore.

  5. Tom says:

    OK, you can't split a purchase with someone, then eat half of it, give the other half away and take the dollar amount for the part you gave away off your budget. You still spent the money. This show is entertaining, but ridiculous.

  6. MCB says:

    Absolutely. Can't even ask for a glass of water?

    • steve says:

      Man no drink water – afraid that server would walk over and provide service for which he is not able to tip for because he on budget

  7. Jared says:

    He talks to freaking much! STFU and let me see the freaking food! His stupid one liners never stop. It's back to back to back one liners which makes it look like he's trying too hard. It's soo annoying. He doesn't stop talking.. and it's NOT even about the food. SMH

    I swear, it's 95% of him talking and making stupid try-hard jokes and 5% food.

    He also has a horrible accent… which is magnified when he doesn't shut up and showcase the food.

    His sandwich show is the same thing. He talks more than the sandwich is shown. STFU already!

    FIRE HIM.. FIRE HIM NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • steve from Bucktown says:

      I agree with Jared but you know that FN is not going to dump him just like that – they are gonna find something else for the BIG MOUTH NO TALENT to do

      That is also SO NOT how people that come from CHICAGO speak – he is making us in Chicago look stupid, perpetuating the accent and just for the record – CHICAGO DISOWNS HIM

    • Linda K says:

      It's difficult to see – but Jeff is a really good guy. Misguided and a working a little too hard at "IT". Is that him or is the the "MAN" pulling the string on the puppet.

      The goal is to make the talent not the food. Really, are we talking that he is going to be a superstar. Maybe if he lost weight and had a speech coach . . .i could see he could make a run at RR? Ya Think!!??!!

  8. Linda K says:

    Hate the process not the man !!! The show was built in a way that it is impossible to be a proper customer. Reality tells me . . . $4.99 breakfast – and he paid a total of $5.75 – how much was tax and how much was tip. Ah yes, Food Network does not appreciate the service community – waiters, waitresses, and server.

    Also, Jeff could use a vegetable once in a while – can't think he's has healthy bowels since he also does not drink any liquids throughout the day. Jeff – please, please, please if you want a long career and a long life – greens are good and for GOD sakes Water, water, water.

    • steve from Bucktown says:

      the details: $4.99 for breakfast – Boston sales tax is 6.25% = $5.31 total add tip to make $5.75 – so the cheap @ss gave a 45 CENT TIP

      45 CENTS = THE 47%

  9. steve from Bucktown says:

    My reply to Linda – but I think the world should see this – so here are the details from the Boston breakfast: $4.99 for breakfast – Boston sales tax is 6.25% = $5.31 total add tip to make $5.75 – so the cheap douche bag gave a 45 CENT TIP

    45 CENTS = THE 47%

    • Linda K says:

      I'm the 99% – Hate the process not the idea. And again – veggies are good for you. helps with #2

    • Russel says:

      such a large tip – can you smell the sarcasm… those folks from FN must not be paying their stars all that much in this recession – feel sorry to the dope

      I can save $24 in 24 – it's called – cook at home and dieting – Jeff should really incorporate his little sammie show into the $24 theme –

    • Angel Pagan says:

      Why are you so mean? I tip less than 10% on all my meals. I pay for the food — isn't that enough. Don't restaurants just pay the servers better. Seriously, why give more to the servers – tell them to just work harder.

  10. Lainer says:

    Per my other post – I just watched the episode where Jeff is in Minneapolis – first one I have seen. I think the show is stupid. If you are too tight to spend more than $24 bucks/day – stay home! He went to a brewery that gave him free beer samples – he got 4 and used that as a snack. I live in Portland., OR, and we have great microbreweries everywhere. They are very happy to give free samples. I would never just go in and get the free samples and leave, and if I ever did, I'd leave a freaking tip. I just heard Jeff say he always leaves a tip but he sure didn't at the brewery. Bad example! Stupid show!

    • Lois Layne says:

      So Beer was a snack :( Sad that I missed that show. So it's ok to call beer a snack and not a beverage. . . but he never drinks anything else. I think it may be a bladder condition.

    • steve says:

      not tipping for anything – a food network mantra given to all hosts – eat until you explode (guy), complain you are on a budget (RR) and run before the server sees the paltry tip you left them (jm)

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