3 Days to Open: Cove Lounge

by in Shows, August 3rd, 2012

cove lounge
Bobby Flay brought in the big guns not once but twice this episode as he took on his next project: Cove Lounge in Harlem, New York. With just three days to open, Alyah and Gloria found themselves knee-deep in bills, as well as dealing with a series of staffing and kitchen issues in their quest to open an upscale lounge. Bobby relied on the legends of Harlem’s food industry and Nina and Tim Zagat to help guide Alyah with constructive criticism. The ladies picked the perfect neighborhood for their venture, but that was only a small part of it.

Before Bobby could consider the task complete, he needed to help the Cove team fix these four crucial issues: staffing, menu, food quality and cocktails.

The signature cocktail, “The Cove,” has been created, and the French fries seem to be perfect. Alyah waited three years for this dream to come true, but did it all work out? One lesson we’re sure she learned was to proofread everything. We checked in with her and Gloria to see how things are going after their visit from Bobby. Click play on the video below for a 3 Days to Open update.

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Comments (200)

  1. jane lewis says:

    i hope the restaurants in 3 days to open manage to stay open longer than soul daddy – the restaurant that the poor guy who was "helped" by bobby and lorena and steve (and somebody else?) did last year. opening a brand-new restaurant in 3 widely-separated cities was just stupid.

  2. Antoinette says:

    I watched this show and was truly amazed at how people can be so uneducated and impractical about life in general. What kind of person waits 3 YEARS before figuring out they need to hire wait staff? DUH????
    REALLY? How stupid can you get??? I get angry at such stupidity and figure people like this deserve to fail.

  3. Tammie from Baton Rouge says:

    I’ve NEVER written in on anything like this, and frankly think people have WAY too much time on their hands, but after reading some the comments(books) I thought I’d give my two cents… Watched the show for the first time tonight and I thought it was very touching to see Bobby Flay, who IS such a successful person, take his time, NOT on CRAP, or people “BENEATH” him, but teaching, encouraging, CARING, and GIVING back to people obviously struggling to make a better life and future for themselves. I think that’s pretty cool this day and time where most are too busy. Also, if I had debt, stress, nerves, pressure, and had to open a business in three days, I would probably come across aggressive too. I sure as heck wouldn’t be passing out milk and cookies to everyone, and think she was VERY appreciative…but just plain stressed and EXHAUSTED!

  4. SUE says:


  5. Kim Cawker says:

    Wish the updates were at the end fo the show. I can see the update which bites. How can the viewer tell if the people running the restaurants are not close down. If it was Gordon Ramsey, you would see a small review on the side.

  6. Video Down says:

    This video still doesn't work. Or at least it doesn't work in Canada, which is brutal. I agree with other viewers, put the update at the end of the show, please. Thanks!

  7. Cliff Schaeffer says:

    I really like this new show. Bobby shows heart, not mean spirited like that other guy. I happy that The Cove is making it and I hope they continue to excel.

  8. I have been a big supporter of RVCA from day one and considered it to be my favorite labels until RVCA began supporting UFC and the metro meat heads that follow it.

  9. Junie Loht says:

    I can handily beat a StarCraft II hard AI, am I ready to move into bronze play?

  10. Tracy Hin says:

    I can not find the create account button

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