3 Days to Open: Big Guys Sausage Stand

by in Shows, August 10th, 2012

Big Guys Sausage

In suburban Chicago, Brendan O’Connor and three of his best friends desperately needed Bobby Flay’s help to make their restaurant dreams come true at Big Guys Sausage Stand. With just three days until the grand opening, Bobby tackled clashing personalities, unimaginative toppings and a depressing interior to help the guys create a sausage spot that impressed even the toughest of critics: Chicago’s Sandwich King, Jeff Mauro.

But what happened when Bobby headed home, leaving the guys to fend for themselves? We checked in with Brendan to see how Big Guys is doing a few months after Bobby’s intervention.

Brendan is happy to report that Big Guys is off to a great start: They are averaging $1,500 per day in sales and their numbers are growing daily thanks to neighborhood buzz, good local press and many repeat customers.

Big GuysJoe is now the general manager of Big Guys and Yves and Jimmy are also managers. They manage the stand during different shifts and train all new employees. Yves and Brendan have been getting along well: “Yves is really hustling, training people really well and setting a good example for the new recruits,” says Brendan, who has hired 10 full-time employees to work various stations since the opening.

After Bobby’s interior renovation, the guys spent six figures updating the exterior of the space and getting new equipment. “Now the interior matches the rest of the stand,” says Brendan. The City of Berwyn helped them with the funds for this project as part of their effort to revitalize local businesses.

“Everyone loves the food!” says Brendan. “We have served every cop in the area, so the word is out.” All of the recipes Bobby helped them develop remain on the menu and the guys have since added new dishes including buffalo chicken sausage, Italian chicken sausage, chorizo, crawfish sausage, chili and tamales.

Based on what Bobby taught them, the guys continue to make their specialty sausages in house and are now making their own chicken sausage. They are planning to start offering a house-made pork sausage of the week.

Brendan says he is grateful for everything that Bobby taught him and only wishes the all-star chef and restaurateur could have spent even more time with the Big Guys.

3 days to open big guys sausage stand

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Comments (94)

  1. Arlene says:

    I am happy to hear that you Big Guys are doing well with your business. I wish you and anybody else who opens up a resturant the best of luck.

  2. hoose says:

    3 words- taco pizza sausage. Melted moz herbs sauce pepperoni on the bun, tacomeat lettuce tomato sour cream and sausage inside

    • Diamond Chef says:

      I would like to see somebody make a beef sausage, like beef short rib meat would be delicious. They could even try a salmon sausage for the healthier crowd.

  3. tom beland says:

    I seriously cannot understand how three grown men who know this little about the product they want sell could think they could have a successful restaurant for years to come. They can't operate the grinder for God's sake. The updates here show the opinions of the owners… they should have a separate reviewer go back and critique the place. Hearing the owner say "Things are going great!!" don't tell me anything when this is the same idiot who had no idea how to make a menu or operate a meat grinder a day before they opened.

  4. Liz R says:

    I am happy to see your success. I was worried for the Big Guys! Awesome team work!

  5. Terry says:

    Good luck guys! Screw the nay sayers and rock on!!! Here's one fellow American that believes in you and will be praying for your continued success!!! Not have a sandwich because of someone else's recommendation/opinion? Sad.

  6. moonchild says:

    wow sooo many negative comments!! I read this article after watching the episode and i just feel really happy for those guys and it's awesome that they are doing well!!!! YAY!!! :)

  7. Fred says:

    Great to hear you guy's are doing so good ! Best of Luck ….. We need one in Boston!

  8. Carol says:

    I'm not a fan of Bobby Flay. To me, 3 Days is a rip off of Restaurant Impossible.

    • unknown says:

      I don't see it for the people that complains about this show being a rip off the same could be said for Restaurant Impossible it's a rip off of kitchen nightmares.

      • Diamond Chef says:

        This is a ripoff of both of those shows, but Kitchen Nightmares was first, and that concept was most likely taken from another reality show about another kind of business.
        But then again how many shows are original these days?

    • lydia says:

      …And "Restaurant Impossible" is a rip-off of G. Ramseys "Kitchen Nightmares"

    • Maximus says:

      Actually it's a rip off of Restaurant Makeover from Food Network Canada which was started back in 2005.

  9. Sep says:

    All comments seem to be from negative Nancies and Ney Sayers ! 3 days is not 3 weeks nor 3 months. It is a flash in the pan when it comes to overhauling an actual endeavor. A large percentage of American dreams by classic thinkers have resulted in what we as a population consider household names….Smith and Wesson, Walmart, Sears etc. That's what is so appealing about this program, all you need is guts,ambition,dedication and a dream.

    • Antoinette says:

      SEP STEP INTO REALITY!!! None of those businesses or ANY business is made with the 4 things you mentioned! NO 1 is MONEY! Without the money you can't and don't have ANYTHING!!! That is the REAL world! Guts, ambition, dedication and a dream ? And $2 (these days) will get you a cup of coffee! See still need the money. You don't get to do anything in America without the money honey! Wake up and tell it like it REALLY IS!!!

  10. Famos says:

    Hey Big Guys. Congrats. People will always have something negative to say. That's the people that have all talk but no walk. All that negative will make you stronger and live that American Dream. So keep up the good work. Brendan is lucky to have a great support system and friends and family that sacrificed a lot to make this dream happen. I wish I had that.

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