Restaurant Revisited: The Main Dish

by in Shows, July 18th, 2012

The Main Dish

When Robert Irvine arrived at The Main Dish in Meridianville, Ala., owners Lynn and Ken Tverberg were in desperate need of help. They bought the restaurant five years earlier because Ken loves to cook, but with no restaurant experience at all, the couple found themselves in debt and working 80 hours a week. We checked in with Lynn and Ken a few months after their Restaurant: Impossible makeover to see how the restaurant is faring.

Lynn and Ken have seen a strong increase in sales since Robert’s intervention. “The new menu and decor has brought in old and new customers,” says Lynn. “Some customers don’t like change, and I have made sure that I explain to them that change sometimes is hard but necessary. For every one customer that is not happy, we have three new tables that come in and love the new menu.”

They are still serving most of Robert’s new dishes. “We are using all fresh products now, no more frozen veggies or fish,” says Lynn.

The Main Dish has cut back on catering after Robert pointed out that it was priced incorrectly. They plan to start it up again, but will scrutinize the costs more carefully.

Though the Tverbergs are still working hard, they have made time to spend with their daughters at home: “We have committed to taking our Sundays off with our girls. We catch a movie in the afternoon or just hang out, sitting on the patio and just talking.”

“We are spending, if not more time, much more quality time with one another,” says Lynn. “Robert’s presence and insight helped us realize what is important in life. Hard work still applies with a little dose of reality.”


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Comments (406)

  1. cjb says:

    This is the 5th 'update' I have looked at. Like all the others, it has nothing to do with the show. I won't bother with the website anymore, I'm not sure I'll bother with the show either.

  2. floyd Dehanne says:

    This entire comments section is a hot mess and has VIRTUALLY NOTHING to do with the shows or episodes at all

  3. Lori Langan says:

    Good Morning. Today i sat and viewed Restaurant Revisited with Robert Irving. I never reply to any type of internrt comments but i was so moved at what an amazing task that he provided to this family. Robert and his team are astonishing to say the least. You all have such a heart that is bigger than life. The family that was on this show was so inspiring and brought me to tears, happy tears in the end!! Thank you for a great show!!

  4. Bob says:

    My wife and I visited this restaurant last year and we were greeted by a very courteous staff that had to inform us that most of the picks from the menu were not available. Probably due to the fact that they were catering an affair else where. My wife and I were able to meet Lynn, a very nice lady, who told us stories of Robert and the show. She brought up the subject of the hot dog costume we didnt. Three hour detour to eat a steak sandwich………..

  5. Erin says:

    Wow….who gave out this website as a affiliate marketing link site? Comment kahuna doesn't belong here.

  6. Jon says:

    My wife and I live in Meridianville. We were driving by last night and saw a sign that the restaurant is now closed. Very unfortunate, but it seems to happen with some of these.

    • Guest says:

      Yes. They announced on their Facebook website that the restaurant has been sold and February 28th was to be their last day. I also live in Meridianville and after hearing that Robert Irvine had taken on the task of reinventing their resuarant, I was disappointed that they never gave it a fair shot. They were never open on a regular enough basis to establish any consistency and I feel that hurt them tremendously. It also hurt them that they chose not to open on Sunday, nor past 1 p.m. on Tues.-Saturday. They did not have the commitment that it takes to be in the restaurant business. They should have stuck with catering.

  7. Linda says:

    This restaurant is closed now. I visited it once after the show, and I wasn't very impressed. It didn't surprise me when I heard the restaurant was bought out.

  8. Christine says:

    My husband and I drove by the restaurant two nights ago and we were saddened to see the "Closed, under new management" sign outside. Since the Robert Irvine makeover it still seemed the parking lot was nearly empty every time we drove by. Great family, unfortunate situation. I wish the family well in everything they do after the Main Dish.

    • Christina K. says:

      My Mother In Law lives in Meridianville and we ate at The Main Dish EVERY single time we visit her. The food was "just perfect" for the area they were located. After the "make over", they no longer offered take out (which MIL got at least once a week) and changed the menu items to food choices people in that area would never eat. The restaurant business is a hard one but Restaurant Impossible did nothing to keep The Main Dish in business, except a little publicity that is. Completely out of touch with who, what, and where they are at!

      • Sonja says:

        If you watched the show, the food they offered initially was not palatable to most. I don't know what you ordered when you dined there, but the 10 or so dishes Robert ordered were inedible. After he made the changes, even the owners admitted the food was much better. I imagine the price per entree did not go over well with the Meridianville demographic. Sad…I really hoped this family would be able to turn it around.

    • mark gentle says:

      It was sad seeing them taking the old Main Dish sign down today…it is now called "JoJo's"

    • LyndaS says:

      The last time I drove by the restaurant had closed.

  9. carne asada says:

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  10. Doctor G says:

    It has not been hacked. The problem is that the Food Network forums have no SPAM protection (they don't require authentication to post). They need to change their setup, because a good 75% of the posts are "blog comments spam"!

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