Restaurant Revisited: The Main Dish

by in Shows, July 18th, 2012

The Main Dish

When Robert Irvine arrived at The Main Dish in Meridianville, Ala., owners Lynn and Ken Tverberg were in desperate need of help. They bought the restaurant five years earlier because Ken loves to cook, but with no restaurant experience at all, the couple found themselves in debt and working 80 hours a week. We checked in with Lynn and Ken a few months after their Restaurant: Impossible makeover to see how the restaurant is faring.

Lynn and Ken have seen a strong increase in sales since Robert’s intervention. “The new menu and decor has brought in old and new customers,” says Lynn. “Some customers don’t like change, and I have made sure that I explain to them that change sometimes is hard but necessary. For every one customer that is not happy, we have three new tables that come in and love the new menu.”

They are still serving most of Robert’s new dishes. “We are using all fresh products now, no more frozen veggies or fish,” says Lynn.

The Main Dish has cut back on catering after Robert pointed out that it was priced incorrectly. They plan to start it up again, but will scrutinize the costs more carefully.

Though the Tverbergs are still working hard, they have made time to spend with their daughters at home: “We have committed to taking our Sundays off with our girls. We catch a movie in the afternoon or just hang out, sitting on the patio and just talking.”

“We are spending, if not more time, much more quality time with one another,” says Lynn. “Robert’s presence and insight helped us realize what is important in life. Hard work still applies with a little dose of reality.”


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Comments (406)

  1. aaron says:

    Robert is great. No sugar coating with his advice and he really seems to care about each and every family run restaurant. I LOVE Taniya ! What an awesome decorator she is.

  2. AlanJ44 says:

    I hope RI never comes back to the South! If news of more good people treating each other right gets out, we will have an influx of Yankees! Next service call to Huntsville or Decatur I'm so eating there. BTW, Hazel Green High School is quality, and has had some championship ball teams too.

  3. Brent says:

    When's the last time you checked into McShanes in Syracuse? What a dump!

  4. Shelley says:

    This was my favorite episode! I didn't catch the beginning, but after I heard the daughter's accents I knew where they were from lol. My boyfriend and I live about 45 minutes from Meridianville and we can't wait to eat there! This was such a touching episode. I wish this family the best of luck. It's so apparent how much they love and support each other.

  5. GWedd says:

    I enjoyed this show in the beginning but has quickly become VERY SCRIPTED. All they do is glorify and make Robert Irvine look like this amazing entity that can do no wrong.
    What has Food Network become?

  6. Mad says:

    Having to visit site to see what happened is b u l l b l e e p

  7. Robert says:

    Myself and two friends made it a point to drive off our route and thru Meridianville to stop and try the Main Dish, we were on a trip to Nashville Tn from Mississippi. When we pulled up at the restuarant it appeared to be closed, there was not a single car in the lot at 7:30 pm. We went in and we were the only one there. It took an abnormally long time to be served as seeing we were the only people there, and the food was fair at best. This fish plate appeared to us to have been made from frozen fish, the breading on the fish appeared to be institutionally prepared not made in the restuarant. The fish was a rather large portion is the only good thing I could say. The iced tea had soured it had been made so long ago. The accompanying dishes were not that good either. I have had far better food, none of us will go back.

  8. Occubyeduck says:


  9. Christa says:

    That is wonderful they are taking Sundays off with their daughters!! Lovely family; I hope they succeed!!

    Very nice episode of RI. I enjoyed seeing Mr. Irvine cry. :)

  10. joy bryant says:

    I do not want all this crap. I want to read about the restuarant they redid.

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