Restaurant Revisited: Longbranch Steak and Seafood

by in Shows, July 11th, 2012

Restaurant Impossible

Robert Irvine arrived in Fayetteville, Ga., to help owner Lisa Howard revive Longbranch Steak and Seafood, the restaurant her husband Lindsay gave her two years ago as a wedding gift. Robert and his team raced against the clock to clean up the kitchen, get the staff into shape and give Lisa the confidence and tools to run a successful business. We checked in with the Howards to see how things are going a few months after their Restaurant: Impossible makeover.

“We must admit, it was somewhat of a culture shock to our regulars,” says Lindsay Howard. To help longtime customers adjust, the Howards added back a few of their old favorites alongside Robert’s new menu items, a combination they believe will help them succeed. “We feel confident that we can make our restaurant a place where people want to continue to come and bring others as new patrons,” says Lindsay.

After Robert’s intervention, Lisa is stepping up as a manager and is taking ownership of her shortcomings. “Management duties have changed in many areas since the show,” says Lindsay. With proper staffing, they are working hard to keep the kitchen clean and running smoothly.

“The whole experience was an eye-opening one. We thank everyone involved for the lessons put before us. It is now up to us to follow through. We both still have a tremendous amount of growing to do.”

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Comments (585)

  1. Hotshoe 1620 says:

    I agree with the other comments on this site. PLEASE include the results of the new mods at the end of the show like you used to do! This is the last time I will visit this site, what an advertising SCAM!

  2. Chaz Michael says:

    This looks like an interesting place to visit. I've been doing some food trips lately and have just gone from a couple of hamptons restaurants. I think I'm gonna take a little peak at their menu.

  3. Nathan says:

    Looks like this was "Restaurant Impossible" because it's closed. This show should be taken off the air. You can change the look of a restaurant but you can not change the stupid people who run them in 2 days. Please stop the pain and develop a better show.

    PS No result posted after the show = embarrassing results

  4. JJ J says:

    I agree with the previous posts… there is no excuse why you cannot include the follow up results from several months after the makeover is done, at the end credits of the show as it used to be. It does seem like a complete advertising scam to have people visit your website. For a television station like the Food Network that is supposed to be professional, this is a very amateur and poor way to do things!!

    • todd says:

      The reason why they make you point and click your way to the information, is because they hope you might get lost and not discover the truth. I think we all know that many of the restaurants that appear on this show still die. What kind of endorsement would it be for the show if we are led through the metamorphosis, taken on the emotional roller coaster that gets us rooting for the owner, only to find out mere moments later that all these people that you were just cheering so hard for, are at this second… in the unemployment line.

  5. Ophelia Rass says:

    That place looked utterly filthy

  6. Lemiwinks says:

    This restaurant looked utterly filthy

  7. alsharell says:

    Okay how about this, every season the show should have a reunion where they revisit each restaraunt they helped to see how their doing. Now everyone is happy. And we can't possibly think that they are all going to be succesful afterwards, I mean reality check!!! So mani businesses fail every year that it's freaking unbelievable.

  8. Rob says:

    Every business should involve marketing. This includes the
    food network

    They have viewers come to the website to increase website traffic. The show and the website are complimentary

    I TOTALLY understand why they do this. Yes, I too preferred to see results at end of the show. All marketing mus be tested

    My request to the FN, “if you’ve tested this and your results are only fair, return to what was keeping fans happy – makeover results during credits”

    (I sure hope you were testing this)

  9. Roland says:

    Wow! This episode was a gleaming endorsement for Fayetteville, GA tourism. Friendly folks, delicious food, a clean environment and unsurpassed service. What an uplifting show.

  10. Hot Otis says:

    One word about this episode: YUCK

    If I could pick a second word it would be: SLOVENLY

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