On the Blogs: Hotter Dogs, 10,000 Free Tacos and Food Fashion

by in Community, July 5th, 2012

hot dogNation’s Restaurant News: It’s National Hot Dog Month and the American classic is getting vamped up.

Eater: Don’t have a Taco Bell in town? Perhaps they’ll airlift 10,000 free tacos to you.

The Braiser: Food has transformed into a trendy culture and now its influence is making its way over to fashion.

Art of Eating: Can’t describe why something’s delicious? The answer is umami.

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  1. mike says:

    i just watched the latest grocery games and am really disappointed in it!!! the guy who won jay, didn't deserve to win. I told my girlfriend that he would win because they felt sorry for him and where he was playing to get the money to help train prisoners cook. the judges was already smitten by him and had picked the winner when the show first started which was Jay. The other guy was clearly more experienced and made better dishes and even Guy himself said " if the noodles was in with the dish, it probably would have of had a different outcome", Translation- hey we actually thought yours was the best but your older and more experienced and we're going to give it to this guy because he really needs it and we like his personality. I'm so sick of these types of shows that claim "its based on the best dish"…half these judges ,just because they "own" their own restaurant, doesn't mean their the best!!! I was a chef at a country club for 14 years and I can tell you that there's some dishes I would turn my nose at but it would be because I didn't like it, but hey not everyone likes the same stuff if they did it would be a boring world.

  2. New follower! Love the blog. Definitely makes me want to go shopping. Especially the accessories!

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