Chopped: Food Network Star Edition

by in Shows, July 22nd, 2012

chopped food network star edition
Before tuning into the much-anticipated finale of Food Network Star tonight at 9/8c to find out which contestant — Ivan, Michele, Martie or Justin — will finally have their culinary dreams realized, watch a special episode of Chopped airing at 8/7c. Watch as past FN Star winners Jeff Mauro, Melissa d’Arabian, Aarti Sequeira and Amy Finley face the dreaded chopping block, judged by this year’s Star mentors Bobby Flay, Giada De Laurentiis and Alton Brown. With unusual ingredients, you can certainly expect the unexpected from this showdown.

While Aarti has competed on Chopped once before, this will be Melissa’s and Jeff’s first time each on the show. “Food Network Star was still pretty fresh in my mind and I was anxious about doing another food competition,” Jeff says of being a contestant on Chopped. Jeff and Melissa both agree their first experience on the show was extremely stressful. “No matter who you’re up against in the Chopped kitchen, chances are you’re most likely battling yourself,” Jeff says. “We had a ton of fun and laughs during the process, though!” Aarti says that being on Chopped once before helped shape her mentality going into the show the second time around: “The last time I competed on Chopped, frankly I was so terrified of the whole thing that I couldn’t focus! This time, I decided to leave my ego at the door.”

Each of the stars will compete to win $10,000 for a charity of his or her choice. Jeff chose Opportunity Knocks, a local charity based in his neighborhood in Chicago. Aarti will compete on behalf of Central City Community Outreach, a charity whose mission is to influence and empower the lives of children, adults and families from Central City East (Skid Row) in Los Angeles. Melissa, who is competing for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, says her organization is particularly close to her, as she lost her mother to suicide at a young age. “For me, it’s all about awareness,” she says. “I want people to know that there’s a resource out there for them.”

Tune in for a Star-packed Sunday starting at 8/7c with Chopped: Food Network Star Edition and the season eight Food Network Star finale back-to-back.

Tell us: Which former Food Network Star are you rooting for on Chopped?

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Comments (68)

  1. onecowboyup says:

    Melissa………YOU were the real winner !!!!!!

    • Shannon says:

      I am not normally particularly fond of Melissa, however she came across likeable in this show, and I agree her food was the best. She was robbed!

  2. Debbie Ranson says:

    The judges are wrong about Guava seeds being inedible. They need to try some Caribbean cuisine, especially Bahamian. Every time they said it I laughed. From young children Bahamians eat the whole Guava seeds and all. The seeds are also sometimes in homemade jam as well as our Guava duff and stewed Guavas. Look up some Bahamian recipes and you will be enlightened.

  3. Patty says:

    I Love Alton Brown!!! Not for nothing this men knows about food (ingredients, utensils and preparation). Excellent job as a mentor!!

  4. Angela says:

    We were rooting for Amy. Thanks for bringing awareness to carcinoid cancer!

  5. san diego says:

    Amy was competing for The Lois Merrill Foundation, an organization that supports carcinoid and other rare cancer patients. Her mother passed away from carcinoid cancer.

  6. @CJBC65 says:

    Oh Jeff, Jeff, Jeff….that was a rookie mistake! Who thinks that delicate bones will be okay to eat? As a huge fan of yours I have to say that I was very disappointed to see this! Some of those bones were well within the ability to tug out of there – at least he would have gotten SOME of them! **Sigh**

    • Keith says:

      When he was prepairing the dish he say the bones and said oh they will be ok what are a few bones., Then when the judges called him on it he acted like he didn't know they were there. He said something like oh I "overlooked" the bones. Really ?

  7. from PR says:

    I did not agree with the decision, to me Melissa was the real winner, I mean come on her main course and her desert where better.

  8. beckyfl says:

    Could Giada have been any nastier to the participants. She did not have 1 nice comment. I am so tired of her. In the beginning I used to watch her all the time, now when she is on I change the channel. I'm glad that Aarti won. I don't like Melissa at all. I think her show is a good idea, in this economy we need to have cheap ideas to feed our families. But I think it would be better if someone else was hosting it.

  9. Henly5 says:

    I would like to see Giada compete on Chopped! To date, I've NEVER seen her cook competitively on any show.

    As far as I know, almost every respected celebrity chef featured on FoodNetwork has competed at some point or another…. even Paula Deen (on Iron Chef America)! It's easy to sit behind a table and judge others. Its entirely another to put yourself to the challenge.

    • Guest says:

      Gilda got her job becaus do her MARRIED lat name, her carefully constructed tops that show just the right amount of cleavage, especially when she bends over and her HUGE mouth. I have tried to make some of her dishes….failure! I noticed she seemed drunk on the Thanksgivingshow and Alton made a point of saying Giada was the only one with a drink that contained no alcohol. She makes a horrible judge on Chopped, Food Network, are you paying attention?

  10. Susu says:

    Since when guava seeds are not eatable??? In Brazil we eat it like an apple and nobody never died for it:/

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