3 Days to Open: Sticky’s Finger Joint

by in Shows, July 15th, 2012

3 days to open sticky's
Bobby Flay is no stranger to opening restaurants. He knows the trials, tribulations and stresses that go into a start-up. He also knows the equation for success and now he wants to pay it forward on his new show, 3 Days to Open.  When he arrived at Sticky’s Finger Joint in New York City — just days before it was set to open — it seemed like he was going to be their only chance for survival. With no recipes, decor, knowledge of food or leadership, Bobby set out to help Paul, Jonathan, Tommy and Stephanie open their clever chicken finger restaurant.

Paul, the visionary behind this concept, was undoubtedly all over the place, and his team needed him to organize his thoughts and delegate responsibilities. Nothing is ever that easy, though. With the help of Bobby Flay and some much-needed equipment, the team pulled off an opening better than anyone could have imagined.

But was opening night their closing night? We checked in with Paul at Sticky’s to see how things are going a few months after their visit from Bobby. Click play on the video below for a 3 Days to Open update.

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Comments (509)

  1. Faith says:

    They served Sticky's to all the guests at The Chew. Michael Symon and Bobby Flay (who helped them out) are friends so I'm wondering if that was a coincidence to get them some advertising and will it help them…

  2. procureinsights says:

    I called in but did not get an answer . . . is Sticky's still open?

    • danny says:

      If a CRACK HEAD like Paul can run a business we should all quit our jobs and give it a try.

    • Fattie Acid says:

      Yes it definitely is still open. I from Canada and i went to visit NYC. My cousin took me there in August 2012. The food was so amazing. It's definitely going into my "To Go" pile of things for NYC

  3. Lorrie Holloway says:

    Today we did a day trip to NYC. We live south of Harrisburh Pennsylvania. Me, my husband and my son just stopped on at Stickys this evening. We met Paul and we are glad we did! What amazing food Paul! Thank you for your hospitality! We will be back when we pass through again! I recommend this place for good food with a fun atmosphere! Nice meeting you Paul!

  4. Laura says:

    My husband and I really enjoyed watching the show and we encouraged our children to watch it with us. The primary reason we wanted our kids to see it is because we have been teaching them about the biblical principle that "pride comes before a fall". Paul was so full of pride it was glaringly apparent within the first minute of the show when he said that he was going to teach Bobby Flay something. There was a stark contrast in Tommy's attitude which was humble and teachable. It wasn't until Paul humbled himself a bit that the team could actually do something constructive. We pointed out to our kids how teachable Tommy was and that when they are employed that's the best attitude to have is one of humility and a willingness to learn. Paul thought he knew everything the first half of the show. I am glad he finally clued in that he isn't omniscent and invincible. We hope they are blessed with much success. Thanks Tommy for being a good example!

    • Ryan says:

      Laura, you're a whack job.

      Paul didn't change. He is a personality type that is common in these situations and needs to be channeled to be effective. On his own he'd burn bright and fast. The challenge will be in if he stays contained or will he kill the thing eventually. I'd give them a 1% chance of success.

  5. sports says:

    3 Days to Open: Sticky’s Finger Joint.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.
    Great ;;;great,,,,,,,great////////that's fascinating demand ……..The more I read on your blog, the more I’m liking it. Some of your tips are really useful, though I’m not too sure that I want to try them all, lol. In any case, you sound like a really nice person :)
    Stay very coll……………

  6. OOPS says:

    LOL this entire comment forum is nothing but linkback spam. How disappointing – I wanted to hear more testimonials on Sticky's and how it's doing now here in 2013. Oh well.

  7. Chase says:

    Wow, after reading the comments on here I am shocked. You people are so ignorant toward the restaurant business yourselves. So you watch the food network and think you know everything and that you could clearly do better than these people, go start a restaurant then. At least these young adults did, and they are succeeding better than you are while you sit at your computer and bad mouth them. Take a step back and remember that this is a television show that is produced to make MONEY. Not everything you witness is actually 100% how it played out, they skew events and use situations out of order and so on to create certain effects in a show. Everyone is getting so down on Paul, but I don't think you realize where he is coming from. He has a ton of ideas and motivation but he can't pull it all together. It is apparent he has knowledge in what he is doing or else; he wouldn't know how to run any of the devices in the kitchen, make food in general, or even write recipes. He was doing all of that way before Bobby came along, obviously, as he had them on his phone and knew to an extent what he was trying to achieve from the cooking. The point of Bobby was to come in and help these people get their heads in the right direction. More than likely these people bought this establishment and got to the point they were at in a very short period of time, which would also allude to a sheer lack of knowledge and arrogance. In the future, please think further than judgement before you write. Sorry they are trying to give you such a bad rap @SFJNYC. I do understand that this is a fun and exciting experience for you guys over that the restaurant, but you also have to be serious at the same time so that things will actually work. Good luck, and I will stop by your joint if I ever visit New York!

    • nucklqueen says:

      yup then he shoulda shut his mouth and listened instead of telling BOBBY FLAY TO PAUSE LMAO…I applaud his ideas and all but when you call someone, ask them for help and then say on national TV that you are going to teach Bobby Flay as much as he will teach you…that shows an arrogance beyond belief…if he knew more than Bobby Flay, he wouldn't have needed him, eh?

    • Starting any business these days is hard, particularly a new restaurant.

      I think these guys will do really well, I mean with a name like Sticky's Finger Joint how can they not?

      Good luck to them.

  8. hitbound says:

    You guys are off to a good start. My advise is keep things simple. Trying to do too much too soon could ruin your chances at success. For now, just stick with what is working and try to stay in business for a year. If you look beyond your early success, you may doom yourselves to failure. So says this old guy who has been there and done that!!!

  9. Their name is brilliant.. always be branding!

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