3 Days to Open: Sticky’s Finger Joint

by in Shows, July 15th, 2012

3 days to open sticky's
Bobby Flay is no stranger to opening restaurants. He knows the trials, tribulations and stresses that go into a start-up. He also knows the equation for success and now he wants to pay it forward on his new show, 3 Days to Open.  When he arrived at Sticky’s Finger Joint in New York City — just days before it was set to open — it seemed like he was going to be their only chance for survival. With no recipes, decor, knowledge of food or leadership, Bobby set out to help Paul, Jonathan, Tommy and Stephanie open their clever chicken finger restaurant.

Paul, the visionary behind this concept, was undoubtedly all over the place, and his team needed him to organize his thoughts and delegate responsibilities. Nothing is ever that easy, though. With the help of Bobby Flay and some much-needed equipment, the team pulled off an opening better than anyone could have imagined.

But was opening night their closing night? We checked in with Paul at Sticky’s to see how things are going a few months after their visit from Bobby. Click play on the video below for a 3 Days to Open update.

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Comments (509)

  1. A Wash ST. resident says:

    I agree that this was a difficult episode to watch. But all these personal, hated comments are no better than the person you are criticizing. The first thing I noticed was that food safety did not seem a factor at this place. Wearing a bandaid and rolling raw chicken into a crumbly mixture without wearing gloves was revolting to me. In my State, gloves would have been a requirement, skin on food contact is forbidden. Also, $6000 for rent per month? They needed a bigger investor. I think they should have done better on the Great Food Truck Race show.

  2. PamSwit says:

    Just watched the Sticky's episode, followed by reading the comments. It's clear that I'm not the only one who thinks that Paul is not well emotionally. Indeed, he appears charming, but he obviously bamboozled others to follow his dream of the week. Good for Stephanie for going back to her family. And, if it's true that Tommy has moved on, I'm proud of him, too. He realized that not many people get the opportunity to learn from an expert and leader such as Bobby. Tommy appeared to be truly soaking up the once-in-a-lifetime teachings. Good luck to you, Tommy. Having been under the tutelage of wonderful leaders as well as having attended some amazing leadership conferences, one thing I'd like to share with Paul is that good leaders listen, truly listen and learn, and genuinely care about their colleagues and employees.

  3. Tsboss says:

    I have been a fast food manager for 20 years and can not figure out how they got the permits to open the store in the first place, You have to get the food inspector and health inspector in and they way they were not using gloves. or hair restraints I dont think they would of passed. Paul Im sure did all of this for the TV show, even if he is a arragant idiot like he came across, he only has himself to blame if it does go under.. Its almost hard to beleive that Bobby walks into a under construction building and then 3 days later everything is painted, furnished and ready to go… No way do I beleive that..Like I said I opened my own restaurant and by the time it was 3 days ready to go we were almost ready to go, the only thing missing were the ummm nothing… ..Im just just sure this was for rating only and Paul really needs a reality check and Im sure 6 months from now he will get one. Because it is NOT easy, with payroll, food costs, food waste, supplies, rent , license fees, insurances, equipments repairs., utilities, marketing, etc..He will have to sell a hell of a lot of 3 dollar fingers..Good Luck to him…[polldaddy 6488590 http://answers.polldaddy.com/poll/6488590/ polldaddy]

  4. Golden Rule says:

    I agree ! classic behaviours associated with bipolar. People need to be More aware about mental health before they make all these judgy comments.

  5. ncg says:

    You had time to write all this?

  6. Anthony Caiafa says:

    Bobby Flay you are the man! I would have walked out on the situation and let this guy fail. Hope he really did learn from it& hope that poor girl gets a ring from him

  7. Sean says:

    The girl was PROMISED a share in it when they convinced her to drop everything and come. That's why she got it, not because it's normal to do that but because they told her they were going to.

  8. Business Guy says:

    I have seen paul a thousand times, great ideas and lots of energy but no substance. I have consullted lots of start up businesses,and this usually works out this way. The guy with the idea ( if it is good) usually gets pushed out the door at some point, unless he make himself valuable. Or his ego will run the business into the ground, Usually the investor will step in at some point and clean it up ( if he has the finiacial backing) and turf the idea guy out. I hope paul Learns or gets help to understand, ideas and energy will only get you so far,, you still have to put form and function ( and most of all profit) into the business. They will all have learn that "living for a dream "is different than "living in a dream" and sometimes advice can be the cheapest form of learning!
    Take it from someone who has been on both sides of the equation.

  9. ThatShiFlay says:

    So the website is posted, with phone number. Let's all ask 'em if they're making any money :D. I say we all call and finally get to the bottom of this! Or we can just prank Paul and tell him its the food network checking up on him hehehe

  10. ThatShiFlay says:

    Yeah that was a pretty insane situation. Some may even say… a sticky situation.

    Oh man this will never get old for me.

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