3 Days to Open: Licari’s

by in Shows, July 27th, 2012

licari's 3 days to open with bobby flay
When Bobby Flay arrived at Gionni’s dream restaurant, Licari’s in Grand Rapids, Mich.,  just three days before the opening, he was almost positive they weren’t going to make it. Along with his wife, Lisa, co-owner of the restaurant, they invested everything — their house, sanity and marriage — but they were in the red, owing money to contractors and vendors, all while emptying their retirement fund and borrowing money from their parents.

Before Bobby could consider the task complete, he needed to help the husband and wife team fix these four crucial issues: Lisa’s unestablished role, poor food quality, a disorganized kitchen and unleashing the secret recipes from Gionni’s mom.

On opening day, Gionni said “he closed a chapter, but opened a new one.” Are things still running smoothly? How are Gionni and Lisa handling their new venture together as a couple? We checked in with Licari’s six weeks later to see how things are going after their visit from Bobby. Click play on the video below for a 3 Days to Open update.

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Comments (105)

  1. Amy says:

    I would imagine it's easier to post a new update to the web, than to the end of an episode, so the updates could actually be kept up to date. Right? That might be a reason those big meany FN people make us do all this work to get online! Seriously, this is what we complain about?!

  2. One Eyed jack says:

    Click on the video below? There is no video below.

    Don't tell people to go to a website for an update and then not deliver. I love the Food Network, but stuff like this is really annoying.

    Don't waste my time.

    • Jeff Hensel says:

      I couldn't see the video when using my iPad however I could when using my PC. I suspect the videos use Adobe Flash. If the device doesn't have Adobe Flash, then no video. iPads, iphones, do not allow Adobe Flash to be installed. Food Network, can you confirm. To please everyone, other sites use HTML5 (sorry for being technical here). This allows all devices to view videos from their web sites.

    • Sher says:

      I was able to see the video, I hope you will be able to now. I use firefox. Good luck.

  3. sAMandy says:

    Can't see any of the video updates. Please put written updates like for Mission Impossible.

  4. Apple Blows says:

    IPads are stupid. Hey Apple users… fix your own problem. Get an emulator and a program that's compatible. You just had to be different. Now look at you – crying because you OS software is different. Apple can just jump out of a window anyhow lol.

  5. Apple Blows says:

    IPads are stupid. Hey Apple users… fix your own problem. Get an emulator and a program that's compatible. You just had to be different. Now look at you – crying because you OS software is different. Apple can just jump out of a window anyhow lol.

  6. Food_junkie says:

    Well, since I have updated myself on the 3 Days to Open shows with these mediocre videos which tell me nothing, I now know I don't need to update myself anymore. I guess I'll just have to be pleasantly surprised if I ever visit one of these restaurants and they are still in business. I echo the sentiments above on how frustrating it is to have to come to the web site in lieu of hearing a quick blurb at the end of the show on how the restaurant is faring.

  7. DrivingMsCrazy says:

    No updates at the end of the show? How nice for people that don't have computer access.

  8. Judy says:

    We love food network, love Bobby Flay's shows but don't particularly like this one. I think that it is great that Bobby wants to "give back" but have him help people who actually have a clue – some struggling chef that already knows how to prepare food, has some restaurant experience but needs a lending hand. It just doesn't seem very plausible that people with no experience can keep a sucessful restaurant going for very long. And, like the other people that have commented, I absolutely hate that I have to look on-line to find out the fate of the restaurant and probably won't do it anymore as it is just the restaurant owners saying how well they are doing – I don't feel too confident that they are telling the truth – would you tell the truth if your restaurant was failing – it would totally kill any chance you had left.

  9. bokirby says:

    Bobby needs to go back to each of the restaurants he visited and see them again at the end of the show's season. This would be very interesting viewing, and a much more telling update than the web videos.

  10. Antoinette says:

    I like Bobby Flay VERY much and the "idea" of the show is good HOWEVER it irks me that people who somehow can get money to open up restaurants with NO knowledge of what the heck they are doing and some as in the sausage show and the bakery cupcake show are just plain STUPID!!! NON thinking, uneducated people who get this tremendous HELP! When there are people REAL people who would LOVE to do the same HAVE the REAL abilities to do this but can't get one cent! Welcome to America. It is only for SOME!!!! Isn't it? YES! Everyone had $40,000 in savings and / or family to borrow $125,000 from and what they never tell you about it the tremendous INHERITANCES that so many certain people get that others never do! So they have every advantage to start! Life is SO UNFAIR and UNEQUAL even in "great" America.

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