May’s “Name This Dish” Contest Winner

by in Food Network Magazine, June 19th, 2012

Name This Dish Bite-Size Cakes

Each month, thousands of Food Network Magazine readers submit clever names for the back page’s Name This Dish contest. Previous dishes include an egg tart (winning name: “Breakfast in Bread”), crab-stuffed mushrooms (“Surf ‘N Earth”) and even an over-the-top breakfast (“Scotch on the Rocks”). In the May 2012 issue, we asked you to dream up names for bite-sized cakes (pictured above). Some of our favorites were:

Piped Dreams
Lori Rios
Martinez, Calif.

Cheryl Keyser
Castle Rock, Colo.

Strawberry Blondes
Jennifer Neally
Quincy, Ill.

But the winner, Lori Hale of Crandall, Texas, really hit the mark when she dubbed it “Swirly Temples.” Want to take a stab at naming this month’s Patriotic Potato Salad? (It’s pictured below.) If you come up with the most fun, unexpected and inventive name, you could win $500 to spend on Click here to enter and check back next month to see the winning name for June’s hot dog sandwich.
Patriotic Potato Salad

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Comments (69)

  1. Christie says:

    Patriotic Pommes

  2. Priscilla A. says:

    United Spuds of America

  3. Elaineartist says:

    All-American Potatoes

  4. Khalilah Jenkins says:

    Potatoes and Justice For All

  5. Marcy Backhus says:

    Uncle Sam Spuds

  6. Jessica says:


  7. Fred Segevan says:

    I Pledge Allegiance To The Spud

  8. Agatha Kalayauk says:

    Tatters and Stripes

  9. Teresa says:

    One potato, two potato, three potato…. YUM !

  10. Reuben says:

    Swirlie Temples – adorable! Congratulations Lori!

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