On the Blogs: Ted Allen, Julia Child and Girl Scout Candy Bars

by in Community, May 10th, 2012

ted allenFood Republic: Congratulations to Ted Allen for winning his second James Beard Award last weekend. The Chopped host talks about his inspiration from competition judges and reveals his favorite food pairings.

Washington Post: Nearing Julia Child’s 100th birthday, we remember how the beloved French Chef revolutionized home cooking, especially for women.


Travel + Leisure: Have a passion for burgers? See if your town made the cut for America’s Best Burger Cities 2012.

Slate: We all know kale is good for you, but how about an all-kale diet?

The Daily Meal: Girl Scout candy bars are real. Flavors include Thin Mint, Caramel and Coconut and Peanut Butter Créme.

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Comments (23)

  1. Laur says:

    Yes please to Tagalong candy bars!

  2. Robeta Page says:

    My question is that while watching chop one of the chefs wash/rinsed the meat or fish….the judges looked strangely at the chef and why is he/she washing it…….well every package meat or even fresh fish lable wash/rinse before use and also wash hand after touching the raw product……..also one of the judges Joe the good looking one smile is to die for..said why did he/she rinse the pasta why not you get all the pasty stuff off..and it tastes great?……..Love the show

  3. ben says:

    i have an idea for your show it is instead of having all prefessional chefs competing have ppl who have an insperation to cook i got this idea cuz my dad is a great cook but he doesnt own a restuarant but he has experience

  4. Julie Blake says:

    I'm sure I'm not the first to ask, but I couldn't find it anywhere….please help a girl out. I was wondering about all the food cooked and obviously not eaten during the show. There are many animals giving up their lives to be left on a plate, please tell me it is eaten off camera, but only if that is the truth! Thanks Julie

  5. Sam says:

    What was with the Sunny Side Apps episode? It was completely screwed up. They complimented the loser far more on creativity and flavor than the winner. The judges said he had the better app and entree. Seriously, I have no idea where that final chopping decision came from.

  6. mykenzie says:

    chopped should have kids on there

  7. kat says:

    I want to see a completely gluten free episode. So many people cannot eat it and it would be great to creativity with the diet restriction.

  8. Bill Martin says:

    Chopped is my favorite show on tv. So I hope the producers read these blogs. Guys, please do better with the music on the new episodes. It is so distracting. It goes from techno to twang to brass band all in a 10 second span. I love the drama that the sound creates, but there is no reason for it to be so distracting and all over the place. It makes it almost unbearable to watch the show. Please tone it down and keep it simple!

  9. denise says:

    chopped judges need to quit whining about lack of salt in dishes. People need to learn to cook without salt or minimal salt for good cardiac health – if you start this habit early in life it is not a problem, you learn to appreciate the flavor of foods as they are instead of the taste of salt. I get crazy every time I hear them say that the food lacks salt. I have never used salt. I am a nurse and see patients who now have to give up salt and suffer because they are can't enjoy the taste of food, they only like the taste of salt. There is no need to use salt. There are plenty of other spices that can be used.

  10. lah4 says:

    I am a very upset fan of chopped….the Tuesday, June 26th episode was very unethical. The winner had three fouls in her dishes yet she won…what the !?!?!? If I come on the show and cook crap but I cry in the end will I win?? I will be there then. I have decided, as this is not the first in the last couple months that the judges have thrown their rules to the wind for sympathy, that I will not watch chopped anymore.

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