On the Blogs: Ted Allen, Julia Child and Girl Scout Candy Bars

by in Community, May 10th, 2012

ted allenFood Republic: Congratulations to Ted Allen for winning his second James Beard Award last weekend. The Chopped host talks about his inspiration from competition judges and reveals his favorite food pairings.

Washington Post: Nearing Julia Child’s 100th birthday, we remember how the beloved French Chef revolutionized home cooking, especially for women.


Travel + Leisure: Have a passion for burgers? See if your town made the cut for America’s Best Burger Cities 2012.

Slate: We all know kale is good for you, but how about an all-kale diet?

The Daily Meal: Girl Scout candy bars are real. Flavors include Thin Mint, Caramel and Coconut and Peanut Butter Créme.

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Comments (17)

  1. tryagainnola says:

    I just finished watching the June 26th competition of the New Orleans Chef's and know that the judges totally missed the winner by a land slide! It's obvious there was no interest in choosing the chef who took risk or used creativity. Chef Cody not only did that but made excellent presentations – EVERYTIME! One has to ask did the criteria for judging get thrown out the window?!

    • s77sunflower says:

      I think a great idea for a chopped show is the "housewife or husband" edition. One show with four stay at home parents who aren't professionals just like the lunch lady edition. Also, how about a suggestion for a basket ingredient….dehydrated hash browns or croutons?

  2. Jade Cho says:

    Yes I agree with Julie Blake. Nowadays people are overly obsessed with foods to the extent of being too extravagant and wasting them. We all love foods but lets not waste them. This will make all the food shows slightly more eco friendly. Thanks. I am a big fan of chopped and Iron Chef America though.

  3. Guest says:

    Ted, some comments about you on Chopped:
    a) Please DO NOT interrupt isolated chefs WHILE they are cooking! And if you must then interrupt ALL OF THEM – it's not fair that you interrupt one and not the others. My suggestion, ask your questions AFTER they have finished cooking.
    b) Are you a fourth judge? Why do you remind judges about a mishap one chef may have had but not comment on the other chefs? You seem to pick and choose and it seems as if you are trying to influence their judgement. Please, try to be fair to all the participants. Don't be biased.
    Lastly, GREAT SHOW, LOVE IT (otherwise I wouldn't have bother with my constructive criticisms). Regards,

  4. Congratulations to Ted Allen for charming hellos flash James Whiskers Prize terminal weekend. The Chopped army confers about hellos incentive from sport decides also bares hellos preference bread pairings. Salubrious participate.

  5. I wish to visit a totally gluten free instance. More and more people are not able to eat the item and it becomes good to be able to creativity using the eating plan reduction.

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