Restaurant Revisited: Pollard’s

by in Shows, May 30th, 2012

On the latest episode of Restaurant: Impossible, Robert headed to Memphis to help Pollard’s, a barbecue restaurant that was at risk of going up in smoke. The eatery was experiencing growing pains after upgrading from a takeout operation to a giant dine-in establishment. We checked in with owners Tarrance and Torria Pollard to see how business is going after their Restaurant: Impossible intervention.

A few months after Robert’s Restaurant: Impossible makeover, sales at Pollard’s Bar-B-Que have grown an impressive 20 percent.

Torria says their customers love the new decor, “especially the brightness.” Social networking has been a key ingredient in their recipe for success as the pair has been able to use Facebook and Twitter to successfully get the word out about their new location.

Their customers love the smaller, easier-to-read new menu. The Pollards have kept most of Robert’s menu items and added a few new dishes.

Tarrance took Robert’s advice to heart and has tweaked his family barbecue sauce to make it more his own. Torria credits the show for convincing Tarrance to “open his mind” to change: “He admits that Robert was right on a lot of things.”

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Comments (1,040)

  1. @Sonic_98 says:

    Why is this thing deleting comments

  2. @Sonic_98 says:

    Now, I have to start back over and make my point again. I agree with another poster. I was really not feeling Chef Irvine's rub. I've seen various styles of rubs on D,D, and D, but that was not a great southern BBQ rub. I guess anything is better than what he was doing. I think he shrunk the menu to much also. And why is he advising Terrance to finish off food in the oven? He should have at least advised him to turn down the temperature and cook the ribs a couple more hours. I went to Pollards many times over the years being from Memphis, and their pork sandwiches were pretty good. I've known plenty of people who always go when they visit Memphis or return home from wherever they live now. I never tried their ribs because even in Memphis, I've found that just because a place is good as one BBQ entree doesn't mean they're good at another.

  3. @Sonic_98 says:

    Terrance can't say he has passion, Why has he never been to a competition even to watch someone else? How do you boil your ribs and only season with season salt? Someone with Passion, someone who barely knows much about BBQ knows you use a rub. I've has passions for things. I read magzines on the topic, watched tv shows about it, went to showcases and competitions related to it, had friends in the industry, had friends in the industry I could ask questions of. That's passion

    • Vajoca says:

      I agree you need to do your research and explore different seasoning or herbs. Dry rub are great but I also like marinating meats.

  4. @Sonic_98 says:

    It's a shame a comment has to be deleted 4 or 5 times for a person to make a point. But I don't understand the people on Kitchen Nightmare or Restaurant Impossible. Why go into an industry and not try to learn anything about it? I'm sure you know people in the industry. Ask them if you can see how their kitchen runs. If you know no one bring in someone with experience in training wait staff and kitchen staff. Don't go in blind. Some of Terrance's family members own another BBQ shop in town. Did he see how they do things?

  5. Seenthiscoming says:

    It seems to me all of Roberts work to help the majority of these Restaurants is a waste of time and money. I may be making money for the Food Net. I feel most of the people should fail and go out of business, seems they should never have been in the first place.
    Just my 2 cents worth. Gotta watch the Blackhawks now…..

    • jeanette says:

      I think your statement is a bit unfair. When you consider how many excellent restaurants had their start using family recipes and just a passion for food what you are saying is many of those restaurants should never have even started. No one knows if an idea will work–many don't but the ones who do I'm so grateful for them. Just spend some time watching Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives and you will see the thousands of family owned places that are doing very well, thank you! Many of them had NO prior experience….it's just hit or miss in this business. Robert just wants to give these places a leg up to succeed.

  6. TJ J says:

    I have driving by this place for 10 years and never noticed it! Buy a new sign!

  7. Mark A. Taylor Sr. says:

    Hi, my name is Mark Taylor! We just saw your show on TV. I grew up in a family bar b que restaurant. I know what you are going through! Hang in there and keep up the good work! And I hope to visit your place soon

  8. like tarrance Iam,bull headed in my food making ,and family is family, he did change and realize what was wrong with his bqq sauce. he is a bigger man then most,you are the real winner to o,mitt you are wrong. hope you have the very best for you and your lovely wife ,, that you guy stay on top ,keep being open that,s your winning key here god bless both of you and robert of coarse ,he stuck it out with you terrance .

  9. Renee Hartoon says:

    I must conquer with many of the comments posted, I just visited Pollards for the first time and liked the interior except for the peeling sheet music here and there, perhaps Tom should have sealed them before installing, but I have a sneaky suspicion that the owner has gone back to his old ways of cooking. Not impressed at all, the fried green tomatoes which I have been dying to try were obviously frozen, not at all like Roberts, same with the pickles, very sad. I thought everything was way too sweet, but the BBQ was tender, just too sweet.

  10. C W says:

    Loved the show on the Pollard BBQ. It would be an advantage for them to update the signs outside (marquee and the store front sign). Also, update the entrance. I loved the updates and wish them the best of success.

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