Restaurant Revisited: Pollard’s

by in Shows, May 30th, 2012

On the latest episode of Restaurant: Impossible, Robert headed to Memphis to help Pollard’s, a barbecue restaurant that was at risk of going up in smoke. The eatery was experiencing growing pains after upgrading from a takeout operation to a giant dine-in establishment. We checked in with owners Tarrance and Torria Pollard to see how business is going after their Restaurant: Impossible intervention.

A few months after Robert’s Restaurant: Impossible makeover, sales at Pollard’s Bar-B-Que have grown an impressive 20 percent.

Torria says their customers love the new decor, “especially the brightness.” Social networking has been a key ingredient in their recipe for success as the pair has been able to use Facebook and Twitter to successfully get the word out about their new location.

Their customers love the smaller, easier-to-read new menu. The Pollards have kept most of Robert’s menu items and added a few new dishes.

Tarrance took Robert’s advice to heart and has tweaked his family barbecue sauce to make it more his own. Torria credits the show for convincing Tarrance to “open his mind” to change: “He admits that Robert was right on a lot of things.”

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Comments (1,040)

  1. Geoff Swenson says:

    When the episode ended, I was pretty sure that the the owner was so set in his ways that he was going to go back to being lazy and using bottled sauce as the base of his sauce, which is wrong in so many ways. It costs more, and it just doesn't make any sense at all. He's an idiot.

  2. Jammers says:

    Some people you just can’t push. Although, I am sure the Memphis folks have watched the show and know the restaurant ALWAYS get majorly ragged out before they fix it up. I don’t care for the Memphis Bar B Q anyway. At least what I had on Beale St., it was BONE dry. Kansas City B.B.Q is much better.

    • Bud says:

      You've got to be kidding. MPHS bbq is far better than anywhere. We invented bbq and the bar set so high that no one could reach it.

      • ibroatsc50 says:

        I'm sorry but you need a history lesson on BBQ. It all started in the Carolina's. There's an arguement over North vs South but Memphis did NOT invent BBQ lmao

  3. Biggest711 says:

    I'm the last person to scream "stereotyper"…..but Robert, he was apathetic not combative!!!! Jesus dude, I've seen people freak out on your show….Terrance is not one of them.

  4. coach says:

    What are you a fool? Have you not noticed the size of Chef Roberts arms (and the fact he is ex-British military?) That little stubborn skinny "cook" (and I use the term loosely) wasn't going to kick anyone's ass. What is disrespectful is being days away from loosing your home and business, that your wife worked her but off for, because you are too stubborn, stupid and prideful to make a change.

  5. CHAZ says:


  6. R. Phillip Janos says:

    some people should not be allowed to own a restaurant and the Terrance character is one of them, what an idiot! Beside the face he was so transparent during the filming the most halarious part was the addition of Obama's wife.

  7. Nicole says:

    What does the First lady of the United States of America have to do with Terrance?

  8. Nicole says:

    What's more, if you don't like any other Memphis BBQ (REALLY hard to imagine), this might be just the place for you! What do you know? Even if he switched back, you might be amongst the 300 people who like the original, store bought sauce. haha Take a chance.

  9. LInda says:

    Probably went up 20% because of the publicity. I was kind of tempted to try it myself because of the show but I'm picky about my barbecue.

  10. LeAnn says:

    define examinating…

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