Restaurant Revisited: Pappas

by in Shows, May 9th, 2012

Pappas Restaurant

Robert’s latest mission brought him to Pappas, a family-owned Greek restaurant in Benicia, Calif. Feuding brothers, a drab interior and lackluster food were leading this business toward extinction. We checked in with the owners to see how things are going a few months after their Restaurant: Impossible makeover.

Pappas Restaurant has seen an increase in sales of more than 50 percent versus the same time last year. The added revenue is helping Michael, aka Pappa, pay off his tax debts: “I see a great future ahead,” he says.

Pappas is seeing an increase in new customers and some old customers from the early days are finding their way back to the restaurant. They love the blue and white decor and are curious to try the new and improved Greek-inspired menu.

The head chef, T, is no longer working at Pappas but her old competitor, Patrick, has seamlessly moved into the role. Patrick has some great ideas and has become a strong leader to the kitchen staff.

Andreas is working harder and longer, cooking in the mornings and taking over general duties during most of the evening shift. Nicholas is still working in the front of the house and trying to find the right position for himself at Pappas. “Now I’m able to hear, firsthand, what the customers have to say about our food and service,” he says.

Brothers Nick and Andreas are still trying to work on mending their relationship. “I learned that family can really pull together when they need to,” says their dad, Michael. “We’re working together more and trying not to sweat the small stuff.”

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Comments (430)

  1. Thanks for your insight for the great posting.

  2. skzic2013 says:

    I just heard today that Pappas will be closing it's doors! I hope not!

  3. Dawn says:

    This is the first time I saw Tom do the design and the building. Tom has always been an awesome builder, but I think this design is the best I've ever seen on this show!

  4. Brian says:

    Pappa's in Benicia, CA is closing up for good on March 24, 2013.

  5. Mitch says:

    A recent yelp rewiew:


    I think it has been about a year since the restaurant reopening with the new cooking staff and new menu. We went to the reopening and the food and menu was wonderful.
    I am very disappointed to see that everything is going back to the previous ways and old menu. We went there for Valentine's Day dinner and chose from the pre-fixe menu. Robert Irvine would have thrown out my prawns in champagne sauce with a pool of oil separated in the sauce. To add insult to injury, all the entrees included a side of vegetables of green peppers, onions and carrots. $30 per person should have at least included asparagus. The bread served was possibly foccacia??? and it was very dry. The owner is back in front of the house and he keeps his back to the customers and doesn't acknowledge you coming or going. I don't see how they have kept the waitress for years that never smiles and isn't friendly. One waitress saw us waiting and finally told us to sit anywhere.

  6. FNGossip says:

    Yup, Brian is right about the restaurant closing on March 24th. Click my name for more details on the closing.

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