Restaurant Revisited: Barolo

by in Shows, May 16th, 2012

In Aptos, Calif., Robert and the Restaurant: Impossible team faced the daunting task of turning things around at Ristorante Barolo. Owners Giovanni Guerisoli and Cristina Locke struggled with the changing economy as well as family health problems, and could barely keep their 10-year-old business afloat. We checked in with the couple to see how things were going after Restaurant: Impossible.

Three months later, sales at Ristorante Barolo have increased by 37%. “The new decor and also all the publicity because of the show have brought new customers,” says Cristina. “People watch and really like Restaurant: Impossible.”

With Atilio in charge of the kitchen and Giovanni running the front of house, Cristina is finally able to spend more time with her children. “Atilio is doing a great job,” she says.  Despite her best efforts to reduce stress, Cristina recently suffered a stroke and is still recovering.  Because of the stroke, she was unable to finish cleaning out her office. When she recovers, she plans to ask Jessica to help her finish the task.

Giovanni’s health has remained a challenge for him, but he continues to run the front of the restaurant. “Giovanni is doing the best he can while still dealing with his health issues.” He never sold his collectibles at auction and continues to buy more.

“Doing the show was an amazing gift,” Cristina says. “I will be forever grateful for what Robert and the whole crew did for the restaurant and for my family.”

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Comments (537)

  1. Bill Bathke says:

    I would like to see a report on how "Zandi's" is doing now I am an ex bar owner, now retired, and I feel thatn youm people are doing just a fantastic thing. I am sure you are making lots of points in heaven. You will get my vote in church.

    • Regina Carlisle says:

      i just looked up Zandis and it has increased it sales but they fired Alan the chef and now has a new chef that supposedly everyone is bragging bout..

  2. Audrey says:

    Or trying to support Lexus more? LOL :) I only made that comment b/c of the relentless shots of the Lexus and parts. LOL ;) However, I do LOVE this show and I am always amazed at Robert and his food. He definitely has a talent and I appreciate what he does for small business owners.

  3. Donna says:

    Please bring back the 10 second up date at the end of the show. You need to see the update then. I don't have my computer on at all times.

  4. Cookingaddict says:

    Isn't it funny how many people know how to do your show better than you? But, where are they?? I'll bet if you had a weight-lifting show, they'd have some negative input for it as well. Some people are experts at pulling others down, and usually have no record of success themselves.
    Let's recap: every restaurant you take on is basically on life-support, and actually save most of them. Had an MD your record of success with basically death-bed occupants, he'd be hailed as a miracle worker.
    Good show, Robert, I seldom see it through without misting up…
    Let's bring back the recap though… Hahahaha!

  5. DaveM says:

    Seems like a lot of judgmental angry douche-bags watch this show… if it pisses you off so much…you should probably change the channel…. it's just TV

  6. classdepartments says:

    The Bullying I see is Robert with his designers. He screams at them near the end. I know they must be use to it..but screaming is not the way to talk to professionals who are helping with the show.

    • Julie - Florida, says:

      It's all for show don't you people get it. It brings attention to what they are doing. What is he supposed to say: good work, how interesting is that. Don't forget it's TV . All that yelling is all part of the act, that's why we watch. It would be boring if he didn't spice it up. He is not like that in real life.

  7. linda says:

    It is very difficult to change people. I believe that their old habits come back. A dirty restaurant, will become a dirty restaurant again. Bad food will go back to bad food. People that are pigs, will be pigs.

  8. Kaley says:

    My uncle was a bossy restaurant chef, too, but everyone love him to death because they knew he was just doing his job, shouting orders so they could be heard and that their importance be known…When he passed away, everyone missed him and appreciated his ways of being tough and firm and getting the job done and having a successful restaurant where everyone was making money. Working in a high stress, fast paced place like a busy restaurant is only for those who can stand the heat and not take it personally…

  9. Diane says:

    Tonight is my first time looking at the followups and comments. Why are so many comments from people who are so angry? It is a TV show folks. Turn the channel if RI makes you so angry or you find his methods appalling. He is giving people tools to make a difference in their business. If they refuse to use these tools after he leaves, this is not his or his crews fault.

  10. Joy says:

    We went to eat there a month after the show aired. Robert did the best anyone could do with the situation.
    The food was not good, we felt someone not experienced in cooking cooked our meal. The bread was hard and not fresh, my eggplant consisted of only mozzarella with just a basic tomato sauce no basil etc. just plain.
    The lady that waited on us was very gracious and tried her best to accomadate us but unfortunately the service was extremely slow even though there was only a few tables of people there. We surly did not blame her because she only can serve what the kitchen puts out! She had to send back two tables that ordered hamburgers because they were both over cooked. The decor that Robert did was a real plus from before when we visited. Sorry that this couple has such health issues that do not help the situation. The place does have great potential with a good cook and using the wonderful back patio for Happy Hour and parties.

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