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by in Shows, May 17th, 2012

ron ben-israel sweet genius
If you’ve got a sweet tooth, chances are you’re a fan of Sweet Genius, now in its second season. Back with more whimsy and wonder, each episode has four of America’s premier pastry chefs competing against one another through three rounds of challenges judged by Master Pastry Chef Ron Ben-Israel, testing their creativity, ingenuity and imagination. The chefs are given surprise ingredients, inspiration and a limited amount of time; with those three elements as a guide, they must create a delectable chocolate, candy and cake dessert. The winners from each round advance for a final test, with Ron crowning the remaining chef Sweet Genius and awarding them a $10,000 cash prize.

Now we need your help and inspiration for the third season. Have you thought of a surprise ingredient or challenge that would be perfect for Sweet Genius?

Get creative: We’re hoping to see suggestions that include live animals, colorful objects, items with moving parts (think the robot from this season or our bubble machine) or wacky things like a baby doll or ventriloquist’s dummy. Tell us your suggestions in the comments below and they may be featured in the upcoming season.

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Comments (137)

  1. Vivienne Elborne says:

    Suggestions: waterfall, dominoes, wind c himes, slinky, bird feeder, flamingo

  2. Rueben says:


  3. Mayra alejandra says:

    I thinks R2D2 robot from star wars or a fish tank with some colorfull fishes inside

  4. iloveravens says:

    I love Ron's new personality on season 2. He's so much happier and cheerier :) My 11-y-o daughter and I just love Sweet Genius!! "and remember, Chefs, I am a BIG baby!" LOLOL

  5. Karryn says:

    SI: Cucumber and cactus
    Insp: Steampunk

  6. kay says:

    secret ingredient: ketchup
    inspiration: buttons

  7. Kate says:

    Bonsai trees, an astronaut, the wild west, superheroes, a merry-go-round

  8. Bigzigzag says:

    Mystery Ingredients:
    Fruitcake / Bacon
    Marmite / Edamame
    Marionberry / Hazelnut
    Peanut Butter / Pickles
    Skittles / Caviar
    Organic Rose Petals / Wood Ear Fungus
    Pomegranate (whole fruit) / Olives
    Patty Pan Squash / Sugar Cane

    Carousel Horse
    Slot Machine
    Drum Set
    Skull or Skeleton
    Teacup Ride
    Legos or Tinkertoys
    Toy Train Set
    Ming Vase

  9. Kelsey Kidd says:

    Ingredients: Star fruit, wonton wrappers, Olive Oil, popping boba, chestnuts, Greek yogurt, hibiscus flowers, beets, kombucha, macha green tea powder, apricots, honey, Chambord liqueur, blue vodka, celeriac, potatoes, coconut milk, sweet potatoes, tamarind, pop rocks, bread in a can, maple syrup, pretzles, basil

    Inspiration: Pink Fairy Armadillos (yes, they're a real animal, google it), peacocks, burlesque dancers, wind-up toys, cuckoo clock, praying mantis, a geode (ordinary looking rock with beautiful crystals inside), traditional African or native American dress, antlers and horns of various animals, dragons, woven baskets, hula hoop performers, aerial artists, fire dancers, music videos, Tim Burton stylistically, pirates, roller coaster, old arcade games (astro blaster, pac-man etc), steampunk, nun-chucks, a wooden pose-able art model, legos, piano or other musical instrument, dinosaurs, jellyfish, jaguar, Cirque du Soleil, raves

  10. Hi everyone, I am sure you will be enjoying here by watching such comic movies.

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