Full Steam Ahead

by in Food Network Magazine, May 2nd, 2012

steam and dine
These new steamers make it easy to get your veggies.

steam and dineThe Steam and Dine set is ideal for the office: You can fill it with fresh veggies in the morning and cook them in the microwave for lunch, then the whole thing collapses for the trip home. $10; aladdin-pmi.com




lotus steamerUnlike old-fashioned metal steamers, the Lotus is made with silicone and plastic, so it won’t scratch your pots. $17; josephjoseph.com





foodpodThe Foodpod will boil, blanch, steam and drain — and it holds nearly 2 quarts, so you can fill it with a couple of broccoli heads or up to a dozen eggs. $15; fusionbrands.com





vebo steamerThe flexible Vebo squishes to fit in shallow pots. You can also use it to boil and strain pasta or rinse produce. $30, Dreamfarm; amazon.com





microwave steamerThis Microwave Steamer doubles as a storage container: You can seal up leftovers and reheat them later. The tight-fitting lid also makes for a spill-free trip to the office. $14, Sistema; amazon.com




multi-level steamerThe Multi-Level Steam Cooker lets you cook your whole dinner at once. The silicone colander on the bottom holds the vegetables; the steam tray is good for seafood and poultry. $30; shopmastrad.com




(Photographs by Devon Jarvis/Studio D. )

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Comments (12)

  1. minmin3 says:

    The Foodpod looks adorable!

  2. Lala says:

    This tools are great! The steam and dine is so clever, all of them!

  3. Sandy says:

    What about using plastic in the microwave. I try not to do that anymore

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