POLL: Which Chopped All-Stars Ingredients Would You Actually Cook With?

by in Polls, Shows, April 18th, 2012

aarti sequeira and ted allen
Week two of Chopped All-Stars had gourmet globetrotting contestants Marcela Valladolid, Keegan Gerhard, Jeffrey Saad and Aarti Sequeira dealing with some offbeat ingredients. Some would even argue that the ingredients were more difficult than those dealt to the Iron Chefs the week before.

While we may not be running out to the market to pick up a pound of tripe, some of the ingredients are more commonly used, like chicken feet, which are great to flavor chicken broth.

This leads us to ask you:


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Comments (33)

  1. Kathy says:

    Two of the Iron Chefs should have been disqualified because they drank from the bottle and then used in recipe.

  2. Kathleen says:

    Why was it ignored when Iron Chef Symon took a big swig out of the coconut rum bottle and then poured some into the sauce pan? The last time that happened was during a regular Chopped show. The guy got chastised, by judges, for doing the exact same thing. Including his being told "people like him gave Chefs a bad name"

    • JLF says:

      You are so behind the times – that was 2 weeks ago, was beat to death by the entire blog and we have moved on. Please join up with the rest of us.

      • jeri says:

        As far as I can tell there's nothing new! There are a few comments on the Chopped basket revealed blog site, but nothing Earth shattering. Have been busy today remodeling, again, so ive been out of the loop. But you're right booze bottles are so been there.

  3. Ivy Lucas says:

    Anybody ???? maybe not on the right page but,,,I wish the background "music" on DDD would not be there. It is so hard to catch what being said….IFL

  4. Sandy says:

    I was so hoping that Penny would not win Chopped tonight. I didn't like her on the Food Network Challenge and I still don't like her. She is not a nice person. I don't think she even cares about her charity – she is just trying to show that she thinks she should have won the Food Network Challenge. I'm not sure why Food Network even has her on the network, she's not worthy.

    • jeri says:

      That is certainly a possibility.

    • Guest says:

      I am so glad Penny is on there and not Mary Beth. Mary Beth came across as arrogant and spitefull. Who can forget the hissy she threw when she did not win the next food star. Penny on the other hand was happy and congratulatory for Jeff. Mary Beth was not a good sport.

  5. AZBlue says:

    I used to like this show until the producers decided to use the most disgusting and offensive animal parts. Using ingredients such as chicken feet, and then joking about "removing the toenails" or "giving the ingredient a manicure" before serving displays tremendous insensitivity to the plight of animals and is tantamount to promoting animal cruelty. Take a moment to ponder what is actually on the plate, what the animal went through, and what these judges are saying. Most people reading this will probably think hey, it's only a chicken. Well, exactly, the chicken never had a choice before it was brutally slaughtered and it's feet put into a bag. What's next, dog paws?

    • Pat says:

      I very much agree with you. Tonight they were cooking pickled pig lips. I turned off the program. They joke about using the body parts of some poor innocent animal. I am watching Chopped less and less now. I am glad to see that someone else is aware of this horror.

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