The Chopped Basket Revealed: The Masterminds Behind the Mystery Ingredients

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chopped basket rob bleifer
“Ugh! Who comes up with these crazy basket ingredients?” This is a statement that I commonly hear and read after watching an episode of Chopped. But the truth is, someone does have to research and choose what four ingredients will go into a Chopped basket — three different baskets per episode. Do the ingredients get tested first? Has there ever been a repeated ingredient? And why are four ingredients the magic number and not three or five? These are all questions I asked Food Network Executive Chef Rob Bleifer last week when I sat down with him in Food Network Kitchens.

How are the ingredients picked?
Sara Nahas, the culinary producer of the show, and myself sometimes work together, sometimes work apart, but then come together to compare each other’s work. We’ll sit across from each other weeks in advance and knock out themed shows or random baskets — potential flavor and color combinations that will end up on the plate and, of course, that one ingredient that will get people talking. We have a list of ingredients we’ve already used in front of us, which is around 15 pages long, so I cross-reference that. In the past, we may have used an ingredient twice, but sometimes it’s intentional.

Is there a secret to a good Chopped basket (one part this, two parts that, etc.)?
While we’re creating the baskets, if we have to think too long about the possibilities of dishes, the baskets go away. If it takes us more than 15 seconds for a solution, it’s out. The contestants don’t have that much time.

We’ll often try, certainly in an entrée, to have a grain or starch or one ingredient that is substantial, whether it’s a protein or produce. But there’s no hard and fast rule that there has to be this, there has to be that.

How did you or the producers realize four ingredients was the perfect number?
We worked together. In the very beginning we bounced back and forth between three and four. The entrée always had four ingredients, but the appetizer and dessert round would vary. Eventually, four became the magic number.

What are supplies that are always in the pantry?
That’s a pretty big list. The pantry has had minor changes and has slightly evolved over the years. For example, we took out red and green cabbage in the first season because everyone would make a slaw or wilted cabbage.

Has there ever been an ingredient you’ve chosen that got rejected that you really wanted to see?
We’ve had the hardest time convincing people that certain herbs and spices merit being in the basket. Other than that, the only thing that keeps ingredients out are:

1. Time constraints on cooking the actual ingredient
2. Ingredients that are not deemed appropriate (not humanely raised or on the seafood watch list)

Was there ever an ingredient that a Chopped judge would not eat? Do the judges ever weigh in on ingredient selection?
There was one instance when an ingredient happened to be something one of our judges was allergic to. Other than that, the only thing they wouldn’t try is if someone didn’t handle the food properly (like raw chicken) or if blood got into the food. They are professionals, so they know what could potentially make them sick.

The judges have all sorts of comments about the ingredients, but we don’t let them weigh in.

How much info, if any, do you provide the contestants about an ingredient? If parts are inedible, do you tell the chefs?
No. The only info they are given is the pantry list. They are given a full pantry list so they know what items exist — they don’t know where they are placed, but they know they are there. Anything else, we’re under the assumption that they should know. We would never put an ingredient in the basket that is toxic, etc.

Which Food Network chef would you least want to face head-to-head in a Chopped challenge?
Any of the Iron Chefs, but it’s a tossup between Jose Garces and Bobby Flay. They’re used to the time constraints of Kitchen Stadium, they’re fierce competitors and they have amazing palates.

What would you like to see Chopped do next?
Honestly, I would love to see the contestants have two minutes after they’re told the basket ingredients to think about them before the clock starts instead of immediately cooking. I just feel like if they’re given that chance to think and plan, they can come up with food that’s even more outstanding than what they can already pull off.

(Pictured: Food Network Executive Chef Rob Bleifer/ Courtesy of Roberto Ferdman)

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Comments (184)

  1. Julie says:

    PLEASE stop putting such GROSS things in the baskets.. this used to be my favorite show, now I can't watch it anymore because I can't stand to see goat brains, or chicken guts, or duck tongues. I know these are eaten in other parts of the works, but I can't stand to see it. I can't watch anymore ;(

    • Brenda says:

      I agree with Julie! I immediately have to switch the channel, even though I love this show. When they pull snake out of the basket, I'm pretty much done with the show for quite awhile.

  2. pam says:

    I still think you should have chopped with a twist where each chef gets to pick an ingredient to give to the others before they get to see what is in the basket.

  3. tinari says:

    You should do a chopped with kids, aged 12-19 years old!! that would be awesome!
    who agrees??

  4. Nick says:

    i would love to see sirloin , swiss chard, frozen chocolate chip cookies, and granola

    please do an episode with these ingreidients

  5. R.Kay says:

    You should give them date syrup.

  6. R.Kay says:

    also, saffron, rose water, dried fish–just some ideas.

  7. @gigs_83 says:

    "We would never put an ingredient in the basket that is toxic, etc."

    So cherimoya with its poisonous seeds won't be featured anymore?

  8. suziespage says:

    I think a good idea for a show would be to have military cooks/chefs using MRE's military field foods. Another idea I had would be to use cooks/chefs at community soup kitchens and see what they can do with what is given them to prepare a meal. Also, school cafateria cooks would be a cool show too. 3 ideas, that is your challenge.

  9. Rick C. says:

    What I'd love to see is a special behind-the-scenes episode — everything from how the contestants are chosen, choosing the baskets, through how they get such great camera shots, and I hear the judges confer for a lot longer. It would even be fun to get a tour of the pantry and fridge, and some out-takes thrown in.

  10. Pink says:

    I would love to see a behind the scenes episode of chopped.
    chopped is my favorite show! :)

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