Restaurant Revisited: Pelican Grill

by in Shows, April 25th, 2012

Robert Irvine swooped into Seabrook, Texas, to help owners John and Laura Walker save their breakfast and lunch spot, the Pelican Grill. The Walkers filled us in on how business is going a few months after their Restaurant: Impossible makeover.

Three months later, the Pelican Grill is thriving with a 40 percent increase in business and expanded hours that include dinner service.

The success comes on the heels of a bizarre setback. One month after the renovation, a car crashed through the front door of the restaurant in the middle of the night, causing $6,000 in damages. Thanks to the generosity of friends and family, repairs were made quickly and the Pelican Grill remained closed for only eight days.

Suppliers now deliver food twice a week to the restaurant, giving John the time he needs to properly manage the front of the house. He makes just a few trips a week to buy fresh fish.

John and Laura are hiring more staff to handle their boom in business. Laura created new job descriptions and checklists to help hold employees accountable. The head cook, Oscar, quit, along with a few servers. Oscar’s replacement now manages the back of the house. With the recent success, the owners have promoted their son Bob to night manager.

“Chef Robert truly wants everyone to succeed and only tells the truth,” Laura and John wrote, reflecting on their Restaurant: Impossible experience. “Everything he says needs to be said and heard by the owners and staff.” To Robert and the entire Restaurant: Impossible team, “we could never thank you enough for your kindness, concern, knowledge and dedication. All of you are our extended family.”

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  1. mygirlfund says:

    Dear Lucky Winner,

  2. There is a great deal to learn, new terminology to embrace and possibly some frustration as you learn… Thanks!

  3. Do you have any idea if what are their menu?

  4. pmp exam fee says:

    It should be better that they will present some sample of their menu, and how it looks,

  5. Love the show! Love how Robert help these restaurents!

  6. It really inspires me.
    Good story

  7. LX3 says:

    I wanted to read about how the restaurant is doing, not all this unrelated crap. It's like all these stupid comments are about something totally different. What the heck is this? Painfully annoying to even try to sift through it all. I'll just go to Yelp…

  8. Roslynd says:

    I miss that they put a small bit at the end of the episode on how the restaurant is doing. What's wrong with keeping the tidbit info and having a larger update online?

  9. Laurel Isaak says:

    We just visited the Pelican Grill this morning. It's time for a re-visit! My bacon was burnt, my husband's eggs benedict was practically not cooked, and the waffles were dry. OH, my son had the shrimp and the corn was from a can and the mashed potatoes had too much salt!

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