Hey, Daddy Bloggers! #PullUpaChair for Mother’s Day

by in Community, Events, April 25th, 2012

ree drummon The Eggbert's Sunriser
In honor of Mother’s Day, FN Dish is asking daddy bloggers to come together to celebrate a virtual Mother’s Day called The Communal Table, on Thursday, May 10, at noon EST.

Yes, our Communal Table events are usually open to everyone, but we wanted Mom to sit back today and watch as we aggregate recipes for a meal she’ll always remember. This is her big day, so we have to make sure we cover our ground for all possible meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert.

Whether you’re a dad, grandfather, uncle, cousin or brother, we want you to participate. On Thursday, May 10, we’ll be launching our first dad-only Communal Table on the blog. Whether you write for a popular food website or you’re the owner of a small food blog, help us spread the word and pull up a chair.


1. Participants will create a post/article on their respective sites about the dish they are “bringing” to The Communal Table for Mother’s Day. Within each post will be links to the other sites that are participating. This way, fans all over the Web will see what everyone is “bringing to the table.” For an example of how we link to each other, see the bottom of our recent Super Bowl Communal Table.

2. In order to do this successfully, I’ll need the URL for your post/article no later than 5 p.m. Tuesday, May 8. I’ll send an email out first thing Wednesday morning so you can add everyone’s links to your post.

3. If you’d like to participate, email FNDish@foodnetwork.com with the subject line: Mother’s Day Communal Table and I’ll add you to the Google document.

3. To keep the conversation going on Twitter, we’re using the hashtag #pullupachair that day. We encourage you to also use it.

For more details about FN Dish’s Virtual Mother’s Day, please email FNDish@foodnetwork.com with the subject line: Mother’s Day Communal Table.

Get the recipe pictured above: The Eggbert’s Sunriser

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  1. Jessica Trainer says:

    What is the recipe for the dish in the picture? I have to make it!

  2. You had me at "Hey Daddy" ! I am in, this sounds fun. I try to make every day like Mothers' day at our house. However I dont ALWAYS succeed.
    the D.A.

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