On The Blogs: President Obama and Guy Fieri, Plus New Innovative Websites

by in Community, April 26th, 2012

guy fieriEater: President Obama goes where Guy goes. The president signed his name next to Guy Fieri’s iconic stencil signature in a Colorado restaurant featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.

Eatocracy: Food is often the best part of traveling, but it’s less fun when dining alone. Invite For a Bite is a new site dedicated to helping women find culinary company.

MSNBC: How worried should you be about the recent case of mad cow disease in the U.S.? NBC’s chief science and medical correspondent addresses the concerns on many people’s minds.

Mashable:  Have you heard of the gourmet goodies website Love with Food? For each box of treats delivered, the site  sends an equivalent amount of money to a local food bank.

Chasing Delicious: Not sure of the difference between sautéing and pan-frying? That’s OK. This comprehensive guide breaks down the basics for you.

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Comments (6)

  1. Kaye says:

    Hi, this has nothing to do with this story but I need to say this… I have been watching diners divers and drive ins for a few weeks now and I do enjoy it but please please please where do us guys that have latex allergies go to eat… Most of the places if not all of them use latex gloves…. Latex is just as halmful as nut lactose, fish intollarence, but no one has done anything about protecting latex allergies…. I had never thought about it before now but when I have been out sometime I feel so sick after eating and maybe this is why….. Please can someone do,something about this there are other type of gloves they can use which are safe if they don't want to use them they should put up signs telling us if they are a latex free zone or not so that we can make an informed decision on if we want to eat there or not, after all nut products have to be labeled ….. Thanks Kaye

    • jeri says:

      I don't know about all but a lot of the food prep gloves are not latex. Perhaps you are sensitive to some other ingredient?

    • jeri says:

      Oops, pressed wrong key, sent before finished!!! I am a nurse that developed latex sensivity after years of using latex gloves and have not had any problems in restaurants. You can request your meals be prepared latex free. If the restaurant is not accommodating, go else ware.

  2. jeri says:

    Hey Guy! I'm sooo glad they found your car! I hope it's in goo condition.

  3. JAMIE says:

    How do you E-mail Guy to come to a diner in my area….

  4. Jane says:

    Love Guy, love the show but sure am sick of it being on like 12 times a day and all through prime time. They're all pretty much reruns shown over and over and over………

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