Food Network Magazine’s Chopped Challenge

by in Food Network Magazine, Shows, April 3rd, 2012

chopped basket
Can you make an entrée from this Chopped mystery basket? Try your luck, then see what host Ted Allen made.

The Challenge: Create an entrée using peanut butter, chicken breast, sauerkraut and frozen cherries. You must use all four mystery ingredients, plus any others you’d like.

The Prize: The inventor of the best recipe using the mystery ingredients will win a $1,000 gift card to, plus a Chopped gift basket. Go to by midnight tonight to enter your recipe.

chopped challenge ingredients

Peanut Butter: We made sure at least one item in the basket was a pantry staple.

Frozen Cherries: Every mystery basket on Chopped comes with a curveball like this one.

Sauerkraut: Many Chopped baskets contain a strongly flavored ingredient; if used incorrectly, it could dominate the dish.

Chicken Breast: Main course Chopped baskets usually contain a protein that can star in the entrée.

chicken-peanut achat pickle soup

Ted made Chicken-Peanut Curry Soup With Achat Pickle (pictured above). What will you submit?

Catch the new season of Chopped All-Stars starting April 8 at 9 p.m. ET.

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Comments (34)

  1. Gina kuntzman says:

    I submitted a recipe to the challenge & was wondering when the winners will be announced

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  3. Laraine says:

    Who won the chopped contest? !!!!!!!

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  5. debra says:

    This is a comment on a previous show that aired again. In this one there is a tall blond lady who said she is a model & private chef. What a stuck up snob! She made a remark the people she cooks for expect the best unlike people who dine in a restaurant. Have to disagree. If I'm going to pay for a dinner out I, along with other people, expect the best. I guess we are considered "low" by her standard. She needs to come back down to earth because I've seen woman who are prettier than her. There was another chef on a different episode who was also a model but decided to be a pastry chef. She actually was much prettier that the other one inside & out. It's not what is on the outside that makes a person but also the inside.

    No, not jealous. Have no problem stating the appearance of a woman if she is very pretty

  6. mygirlfund says:

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  7. Hobert says:

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