Chopped All-Stars Caption It: What Did We Get Ourselves Into?

by in Shows, April 26th, 2012

alex guarnaschelli and chris santos
In possibly one of the most anticipated Chopped All-Stars episodes of the series, four Chopped judges — Alex Guarnaschelli, Marcus Samuelsson, Marc Murphy and Chris Santos — will take their place on the Chopping Block to compete for the fourth and final spot in the finale. Pictured above, all-star chefs Alex Guarnaschelli and Chis Santos look curiously at each other as they enter the kitchen. Will the judges be pleased with their colleagues efforts or will their dishes leave more to be desired?

The winner of this episode will join Iron Chef Michael Symon, Cooking Channel’s Jeffrey Saad and Food Network Star finalist Penny Davidi in the grand finale for a chance to win their charities $50,000.

Before you tune in this Sunday at 9pm/8c to watch the action unfold, we’re challenging you, Chopped All-Stars fans, to write your best captions (tastefully appropriate, please) for this moment in the comments below.

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Comments (87)

  1. Donna says:

    I meant to say The Top Chef Master against The Iron Chef. Should be great fun.

  2. mestiza says:

    I loved how Chris Santos Got chopped first!. I thought that he was going to be more " Perfectionist" like in his critics to the participants.

  3. FanFare57 says:

    Caption: Alex to Chris – "OK, Chris; I'm going to win Chopped All-Stars and you can't stop me!"
    Chris to Alex – "Oh, yeah? I thought this was Top Chef Masters"…

  4. KANY says:

    Alex: I am going to castrate you!

  5. Mirandanichole79 says:

    Chopped All Stars: Will they dominate or be crushed under the basket?

  6. Ron Diamond says:

    That witch Penny doesn't belong in America. Do you see he visious looks on her face when Michael Symon was cut. Is that the sign of a professional? No? A person that should be shown on TV? NO. A scumbag…YES She shows her unpleasant eastern insensitive…All I can say: she doesn't belong on TV. The channel needs to think if putting a NOT NICE person is what they should do. No…they should drop her off in the Sahara desert where she belongs. I hate seeing people that are not nice on a show like Chopped…or a Channel Food Channel. What political crap are y ou dealing with? It doesn't belong in a kitchen. Because she will use unprofessional, plitical behavior to be there is wrong. Stand up and say so.

    • McL says:

      I agree that Penny is very unpleasant and shouldn't be a part of FoodNetwork (but doesn't belong in America??? — come on!)

      She really is incapable of uttering three consecutive sentences without two of them being snarky. She did NOT get a "bad rap" on Next Food Network Star. They kept her longer than they should have because, apparently she can cook. She just doesn't do "Human Being" all that well.

    • JLF says:

      Do you really believe that one has to be a nice person to be allowed in America? Sure Penny is unpleasant and I hope she never shows up on Food Network gain. But as much as some people may aggravate us, we do still have free speech and the right to be stupid. I could be wrong, but from the misspelled words and grammar mistakes in your post, I wonder if you yourself are not American born. So what kind of political crap are you trying to make out of a cooking contest? Get over it or change the channel.

    • Liz Torquati says:

      Do you know they changed the judges for the last show?? My husband and I are trying to figure that out? And I agree Penny is a witch & not a very nice person!

      • Liz Torquati says:

        Do you know why they changed the judges for the last show?? My husband and I are trying to figure that out? And I agree Penny is a witch & not a very nice person!

  7. Ron Diamond says:

    And the fat blond judge…the only way she could take Michael Symon down is as a judge. She knows she can't beat him in the kitchen so she makes him leave. You should also get rid of her.

    • richard76 says:

      I agree about the blond but does anyone understand why tatooed, bald headed Chris was brought back to be a judge when he had been eliminated as a contestant. Do they have any rules on this show or do they make them us as they go along?

  8. Passion to cook says:

    Chopped all stars:
    Penny, how dare you openly disrespect
    Chef Michael Simon and Chef Amanda.
    You were lucky and should feel honored
    To be in the same room as these great Chefs.
    You purpose was obviously self serving. You
    Mentioned the “food network staff” and Iron
    Chef. The day you are on food network is the
    Day we stop watching. You are obnoxious
    And need a serious reality check!!

    • grace mosier says:

      anne had no right being a judge. she lost fair and square but to vote off michael simon just goes to show how vendictive she can time dont let a looser come back as a judge.also keep penny far away or put her in a room with ann and see who wins.

  9. Avid Fan says:

    Glad Chris was chopped. They do need to replace him. All restaurant owners are not chefs.

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