Food Network Welcomes 2012 Baseball Season With New Concession Offerings

by in Events, News, April 5th, 2012

Stadium Hot Dogs
Batter up! The 2012 Major League Baseball season opened last night with the christening of the new Marlins Ballpark. The Cardinals and Miami Marlins battled it out at the 37,000-seat venue, which features a retractable roof and a view of downtown Miami — one of the reasons for the 2012 Marlins name change.

The Marlins name isn’t the only thing changing this season: Food Network and Delaware North Companies Sportservice are ushering in the start of MLB with a customizable hot dog bar,  A Topping for Every Taste.

Stadium Favorites

Food Network Hot Dog Bars are set to launch in Cincinnati, Cleveland, St. Louis and Texas. Satisfy your craving for all-American classic ballpark fare with a ¼-pound hot dog served on a potato roll. And it doesn’t stop there. Top your dog with The Basics: BBQ sauce, ketchup, mustard, relish and sauerkraut; plus, Food Network Favorites: bacon chunks, fried onions, corn chips, griddled onions and peppers, shredded cheddar, smoky baked beans and a smoky-sweet jalapeno relish. Each stand will also feature a regional dog (more on these below), as well as a Food Network Signature Hot Dog with smoky baked beans, yellow mustard and corn chips.

FN steak sandwiches

Cincinnati, Milwaukee and Minnesota will hit a home run with new Food Network Stadium Favorites: Bacon Sloppy Joes and Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese. Last season’s fan-favorite Signature Steak Sandwiches, along with a locally inspired version, are still available in Cleveland, Detroit, Milwaukee and San Diego.

Regional hot dog offerings on the menu this season:

Pork rinds and BBQ sauce

Pulled pork and coleslaw

St. Louis
Red Hot Riplets, Provel and BBQ sauce

Jalapeno cheddar sauce and seasoned beef

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Comments (6)

  1. CJBC says:

    As long as we are talking fast food – can we please have a few less episodes of Diners, Drive – ins and Dives? I am SO SICK of that being on and nothing else I could scream.

  2. How about some healthy options at your favorite sports Venues?

    Fresh For You at Angel Stadium

  3. fullshred says:

    These Rice Creams ice cream sandwiches are in some minor league parks. I predict they'll be in the majors within a few years. Mighty tasty and innovative ice cream treat:

  4. Sonja Allen says:

    We went to Opening Day at The Ballpark in Arlington for the Texas Rangers Game, and visited The Food Network food booth. I was not at all impressed with your selection. The meat was dried out, portion size was not worth the price, even the appearance of your booth was poor. I even saw the chef chewing out one of the cooks – very sad! All the way around, a very low class job. You should go visit Nolan Ryan’s food booth, that was done to notch!

  5. tobi-joe says:

    Speaking of being sick of things, I am sick of Jeff Mauro on Sandwich King, he is so silly and thinks he is a comedian….believe me, he is not funny, just plain painful to watch and grinds my nerves with his mess making and silly childish demeanor….sack the show food network…..

  6. C.l. says:

    Triple D is the best show on the network. Why does everyone just complain online. Write positive things. Food network booth will always o business. Wouldn't be there if it didn't. To all you nagin' people, SHHHHHHHHH!!!!

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