Who Do You Want Cooking Lessons From?

by in Community, Food Network Chef, March 21st, 2012

guy fieri, alton brown, bobby flay, anne burrell
Food Network recently asked fans on Facebook: “Which Food Network chef would you most like to take cooking lessons from, and why?” Many who responded didn’t want to choose just one, but those who did shared exact reasons why. Guy, Bobby, Anne and Alton were among the top picks. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Randy Nez: Bobby Flay. His story is truly unique and inspiring, and one of his many influences is my homeland — the beautiful Southwest. I love his ability to throw down with just about any dish, and I love to grill.
  • Sharon Grimes: Guy Fieri because he’s fun, he knows what he’s talking about, we use the same cooking style and he’s not as messy as some of the others. He loves his family, he’s always involving his kids and he’s not trying to make himself look bigger or better than anybody else.

  • Jennifer Edwards: Guy Fieri because he’s awesome, cool, funny and a true food lover. He’s also a people person.
  • Amanda Sugden: I’d study under Alton Brown because he’s thorough and explains the why behind the how — that’s what makes it click for me. I wouldn’t mind an apprenticeship under Anne Burrell, she’s so encouraging, real and fun. But for me, it’d be Alton, hands down.
  • JoAnne Santo: Anne Burrell. I love her style and the recipes of hers I have used can’t be beat.
  • Amber Dutton: Bobby Flay because he isn’t afraid of using bold flavors and ingredients.
  • Brian Laird: Alton Brown hands down. He’s the best, enough said.
  • Kristen Klein: Guy Fieri or Anne Burrell. They both have fun recipes that you can alter in so many ways — the possibilities are endless.
  • Michelle Downs: Alton Brown, without question. Real food with practical information.
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Comments (17)

  1. susan says:

    If they miss Paula and Alton, there is this thing called a DVR.

  2. Beverly Newman says:

    Anne Burrell double dips; just finished watching her show on manicotti. She douple dips, and tasted it again with the same spoon and filled the crepe with the filling using the same spoon. She needs to get her hygiene (sp?) together.

    Beverly and Toya from Los Angeles, CA

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