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by in Shows, March 26th, 2012

bobby flay and students
The school bell rang in the seventh episode of Worst Cooks in America, and the remaining four recruits dealt with some of their toughest critics yet: 30 second-grade students with impressive palettes. Each recruit was tasked to create their own healthy spin on a cafeteria classic, as well as a veggie side dish. Anne’s team took on chicken tacos, while Team Bobby tried their hand at quesadillas. While these dishes may sound easy, it’s a struggle for cafeterias across the country to make meals nutritious.

One rule that was strictly enforced: sanitation and dealing with raw chicken. Bobby had no problem with the recruits getting him sick, but he was adamant about maintaining food safety and avoiding cross-contamination for the children, making Melissa bring her sauce to a boil to destroy possible bacteria after she cross-contaminated her spoon.

While both teams were successful in satisfying the children’s appetites, not everyone was successful in seasoning and bringing the concept of nutrition to life. With only one episode left, we’re still seeing the recruits over-salting and over-cooking their meat. David also decided to make fried greens beans as his side dish. They were lightly battered, so this brings me to ask this question: Do you think fried green beans are healthy?

anne burrell and studentsAs if school children weren’t hard enough to cook for, Bobby and Anne decided to bring in the big guns: the recruits’ families. Remember, these are the people who nominated the contestants as “worst cooks.” The pressure was on. Each member cooked a meal for their mentors and loved ones, but with one twist: The family members didn’t know who made what. In the end, Vinnie from Team Bobby and Kelli from Team Anne made the final cut.

What would you cook for your loved ones?

Tune in for new episodes: Sunday at 9 pm Eastern/8 pm Central

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