Restaurant Revisited: Valley View

by in Shows, March 14th, 2012

restaurant impossible valley view

As of February 2012:

Three months later, new General Manager Kelly says the freshness of the new dining room has not waned for her.

Kelly now holds employee meetings to train staff on food safety and proper customer service. She and Kim also meet weekly with their newly hired chef, Matt, to go over any kitchen issues.

Chef Matt has become Kim’s right-hand man. He’s helping to bring in more fresh ideas, and today there are very few frozen items on the menu. Kelly is excited for Chef Matt’s new menu to roll out — she can’t wait to see customers’ reactions.

restaurant impossible valley view restaurantKelly and her staff are still working out some issues. The hot bar has been a challenge, so they’ve decided to only serve soup at the bar Tuesday through Thursday and full meals Friday and Saturday.

Ann has a hard time staying away. “I guess having a business for almost 30 years and having all the decisions to make is hard to walk away from.” says Kelly.

“To see how Restaurant: Impossible made a tribute to my brother still puts tears in my eyes,” Kelly says. “I know that he would love it. I know I do!” She wants to take the restaurant to new heights and thanks Robert Irvine for giving them a fresh start.

Update: Sadly, Ann decided she could no longer invest any more of her own money into the restaurant and on March 8, Valley View closed its doors for good.


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Comments (1,291)

  1. tBarbara says:

    I came on this site to hear how the restaurants are doing , which it seems they all fail or sell them so Robert is wasting his time .But he makes the bucks and the show is interesting. What I don't understand is all this other comments on this blog I thought it was to update us about these restaurants not all this other stuff

    • Monica Junge says:

      I agree with everything you wrote, I love to visit this site to see what happened and also find they either go under or are sold. It is a waste of money but then I do love to see the show.

  2. swillick says:

    This restaurant has re-opened as RD's American Grill.

  3. libby says:

    I liked the follow ups at the end as well, but there is a potential problem, these shows are repeatedly shown and if a place was doing good,but later closed they would have to go back and update the ending.

    • Kimberley says:

      I agree, I find it frustrating to have to then log onto my puter, to find out the status…. I agree…"Kitchen Impossible Revisited" sounds like a great show name and also that Irvine REALLY cares.

  4. Harry says:

    Just saw this rerun on TV. Been in Indiana for 30+ years after leaving Lancaster County. Said to my wife – "Hey! – We'll have to try this place out next time in the area." NOT!

  5. Laura says:

    I do enjoy the show a lot and think the makeovers are incredible, but I do have one piece of feedback – I don't really get much from the crazy 48 hour time limit. I would rather see him spend a couple of weeks to train people and therefore, produce a better success rate. The show gets everyone worked up and so emotional, that there is no way they can retain all of the information presented. It would be like trying to remember you wedding – one big, expensive blur!

    • Sarge927 says:

      I think RI is a take-off of Chef Gordon Ramsey's "Kitchen Nightmares." The premise is almost exactly the same, but Chef Gordon spends more than 48 hours at each troubled restaurant and doesn't seem to have an operating budget. I've seen him refit entire kitchens with new equipment and remodel entire dining areas. He also goes back after several months to see how the restaurants are faring. It's better suited for those of us who don't take Ritalin or aren't part of the short-attention-span-theater crowd…

      • Laura says:

        Funny, I was going to mention Gordon Ramsey, but decided not to. I used to watch his British show and couldn't get enough of it for a while. I'd like to see RI follow more of that format – I think Robert Irvine's personality is so big that it would negate the fact that his show closely followed Gordon Ramsey's show.

    • Adrianna says:

      I think that's what makes the show interesting, because you want to see how Robert tries to fix a restaurant in 2 days. It's for entertainment's sake. It's not their responsibility to train people, that's the responsibility of the restaurant owner to train their staff… so Robert only needs to advice and try to fix problems of the main person/restaurant owner within 2 days. That's how the show goes.. maybe if they want longer training, they should call other help or professional ones, not RI. Most restaurants keep failing because they went back to all their previous mistakes – disgusting kitchen, disgusting frozen food, failed management etc despite what Robert has taught them. Most of the stuff he taught are basic knowledge, so if they can't handle basic culinary and business info, maybe they shouldn't have opened a restaurant in the first place and go to business or culinary school first. You can't run a business if you don't know how to. Btw, what you see on RI is genuine. Ramsay's shows are all added and staged drama. Trust me. I love Chef Ramsay, but most if not all of his shows contain staged actors to create drama for entertainment.

  6. jose says:

    Venid a España (Europa) para comer estupendamente y con limpieza.
    Come to Spain (Europe) to eat great and cleanly.

  7. Izzie Nutz says:

    Ann, if you'd only been smart enough to invest your $1.2 million in a 5% dividend bond fund instead of a restaurant, you'd be living a comfortable retirement now. $60,000 a year plus your social security…way more that that place would have ever made for you no matter what you served.

  8. bob says:

    I'm thinking a lot of it was due to granny not staying away. Closing before the show airs and not taking advantage of all that free publicity is either one of the most bone-headed business decisions of Ann's life or she wanted to screw Kelly over and sink it.

  9. Yo mama says:

    Did you read the post? Try there first

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