Classic Diner Dishes Reinvented — Worst Cooks in America

by in Shows, March 5th, 2012

team bobby worst cooks in america
The fourth episode of Worst Cooks in America had the remaining recruits tackling some of America’s favorite dishes in a quintessential atmosphere — a New Jersey diner. Diners have been a part of American history since the late 1800s and often resemble a mobile home. Known for offering a wide variety of dishes like French fries, nachos, grilled cheese sandwiches, chicken fingers and milk shakes, diners are a casual place to grab a bite to eat.

This week, Bobby and Anne tasked their teams with making two of those dishes: French fries for Team Anne and nachos for Team Bobby. Each team was shown the basics of frying and then they were asked to reinvent the classes with creative toppings.

Members from Team Anne aced the creativity portion of their test, creating sauces, guacamole and frying up eggs, but many of them had an issue with cooking the fry perfectly. According to Anne, all French fries should be double-fried; watch this video to learn how to cook French fries perfectly.

Members from Team Bobby also got creative. We saw recruits create dessert nachos, Mediterranean nachos, sweet and spicy and Italian nachos. With ingredients ranging from blueberries and raspberries to chicken sausage and rib-eye steak, Bobby was also impressed with presentation.

What would you put on top of your French fries and nachos?

Tune in for new episodes: Sunday at 9 pm Eastern/8 pm Central

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Comments (59)

  1. mountain girl says:

    I loved this episode about diner food–NYC and its surrounding area have great diners, for sure! What would I have on top of French fries and nachos? For French fries, melted cheese, jalapenos, and chopped tomatoes would taste great. Nachos? Sausage, melted cheese, tomatoes, green chilies, and avocado. Yum!!!! I think the recruits are really improving–sorry to see the two folks go this week, but it's great to see the recruits' confidence grow and their thinking "out of the box" improve each week. Good luck to the remaining recruits!

    • Stella Yanofsky says:

      I want Bobby and Bennett to have a show. One novice and one professional. One serious and one comic.
      Plus both are sexy as hell. Id eat it up! Come on Food Network-give us gals sex appeal-comedy and food.
      Start the B and B show now!

  2. Suspicious says:

    Glad to see Bennett and Sarina go. I think the "skills" they are asking the contestants to learn in the meals so far have been less than stellar. If they truly want to learn to cook, there are certainly more necessary foods than nachos. I'm sure lots of people love nachos, but they do make excellent entertainment just as the pulled noodles did.

    • Truth says:

      I feel the last two people with personality are gone. If Benjamin and Anthony go no personality or fun will be left in the show. How do we know about cooking skills when it is edited? I have no idea who is good or bad but have edits. Last night was dull and sad.

  3. jeri says:

    Bennett basically self destructed last night. His knife skills were week one quality, his work station was a mess, his nachos had no color and according to Chef Anne no flavor, and his chicken was over cooked and unevenly colored. Sarina still had no clue what she was doing! Didn't know she could check the doness of her sausage by cutting into it? Really? Tiffany might just end up back at the poker table.

  4. Rueben says:

    It was sad to see Sarina and Bennett go, but somebody has to go. The name of the game is to improve your skills. They went backwards instead of forward. I think Joshie from last year was great and he won because he was able to improve. Wishing all the contestants good luck as they move forward.

    • jeri says:

      Bennett went backwards, in my opinion Sarina didn't ever advance. In week 4 she should have been able to know how to tell if a sausage was cook, and what kind of sausage she had!!! She, unfortunately, just didn't get it.

      • FanFare57 says:

        I agree with your opinion of both Bennett and Sarina. Sarina also freaked out with every single dish Bobby create by declaring "it's too spicy for me." Obviously, she has a very sensitive or limited palate. No wonder she doesn't know how to season food beyond salt (if that). Each week, she seemed less knowledgeable than the week before (skill wise). Bobby was more patient than I would have been. I found her frustrating, not funny. Her squeaky voice also grated on my last nerve.

        • Formerly JLF says:

          She strikes me as someone who has gone through life playing the helpless little girl in need of a rescue. Pouting and whining might work when you're 4, but there comes a time to pull on your big girl panties and fend for yourself. Sarina just blew her chance to grow up and learn something worthwhile.

          • Formerly jeri? says:

            Good analogy! I posted a reply to your relier problem but once again its in cyberspace somewhere!!! Perhaps changing my name is the answer. So frustrating! I hope our non post problem gets solved!

          • Formerly JLF says:

            It's happening to you too?

          • Formerly jeri? says:

            Yep!!! I wonder how many others that have just oven up? Don't know how long name change will last!!!!

          • Formerly jeri? says:

            Sent question to web admin, we shall see!

          • FanFare57 says:

            As the challenges progressed, I also felt Sarina was feigning incompetence to get others to either sympathize or help her. Or she was fishing for encouragement and false praise. However, in a cooking competition, that's a poor strategy and doesn't work. By the end of her time, I realized that she was simply too dim to pick up the cooking skills in a short period of time.

          • jeri says:

            Yeah, how in the world did she expect to advance when everything was too spicy? She didn't even get the fact that nothing has to be spicy, just flavorful!!! And not knowing how to check a sausage doneness? Really? Perhaps she should enroll in a less stressful cooking class in her area, if one is available. I remember doing that when I was about 10, through the gas company ( back in the day when profit wasn't king!!!)

        • Formerly jeri? says:

          Why aren't you having a posting problem?

  5. jeri says:

    Hey, JLF, im beginning to hear crickets again!

  6. sadcook says:

    Teach the cooks, please, to wash their hands after touching raw meat and NEVER pour wine directly into a pan that is on an open flame or burner. This is cooking 101 for hreaven sake!!

    • Betty says:

      For goodness sake, I am sure they wash their hands after the raw meat. They can't show ever single thing like that or the show would be boring.

      • sadcook says:

        Good point Betty but I do think that it is important for them not to show someone pouring alcohol into a pan on an open flame-they are after all trying to show the "worst cooks" how to cook so they may as well do it correctly.

  7. FanFare57 says:

    Both challenges were actually very straight forward. I was surprised to see Bennett take 3 giant steps backward. He had won a challenge last week. As for Sarina: I could not stand the sound of her Minnie Mouse Voice. It was like chalk on the board – shrill. She remained stuck in being hopelessly lost in the kitchen and never gaining an ounce of skill. Bobby was extremely restrained when he dealt with her. Then we have the guy who dropped part of his food on to the floor – AGAIN! He is "Chef Butterfingers". I sincerely hope all the cooks were instructed to use clean cutting boards after working with a raw protein. Some of their stations look very unsanitary and therefore, unappetizing.

    • jeri says:

      Perhaps thats one of the reasons Bennett was sent home. I don't know what happened to him…he jus self destructed! Sarina never had a clue and I applaude Bobby for his patience with her. Let's hope butterfingers can keep hid food off the floor Sunday!

    • Formerly JLF says:

      So glad she's gone. So tired of her complaining that food was too spicy. She did not have an open mind for learning new flavors, and that will forever hold her back from becoming a good cook. Someone else in her family is going to have to step up. Minnie Mouse does not have what it takes.

  8. Rueben says:

    I bet Chef Anne eliminates the chef from Long View if he tries to kiss her again! :)

  9. Formerly Realistic says:

    This is my third time posting grrrrrr. Anyway, some of the candid comments by the contestants come off sounding lame and silly to me. Like trying to be a comic and isn't working. Also forgetting to turn on the stove, I'd hate to have that shown on t.v. I feel almost sorry for them lol. Bobby and Anne are doing a good job though. I hate to say this but the other shows of Worst Cooks in America seemed more believeable to me. Sorry.

  10. Cheri says:

    I am really enjoying the fun that Bobby and Anne seem to have trying to teach these cooks how to cook. They seem to have a great relationship and are able to laugh at the same mistakes that the contestants are making.

    • jeri says:

      Yes, they do seem to be enjoying themselves. I had doubts at the beginning about Bobby's personality, he has proved me totally wrong!! He is showing the personality I knew was there, but thought was afraid to show. He and Chef Anne seem to get along very well. I hope the same comrodery continues. I am enjoying this series more than the previous. The judging, so far, has been fair and unbiased. Hope it continues. May the worse coook win (secretly hoping it's Chef Anne's recruit). I have my favorite picked out, but I'm not telling!!!!!

      • Formerly JLF says:

        I like Kelli because she's showing that she's using her head. When she tasted that her cauliflower was bland like cardboard, she quickly tried a plan B instead of giving to Anne and making excuses. I think that kind of risk taking needs to be rewarded, and I was sorry to see her in the bottom two that nite. I'm not happy that Dorothy continues to be promoted – but she did seem to do ok with her challengies this week. I just don't see her growing as much.
        Sorry, but I'm leaning towards Bobby, either Benjamin or Vinny. I really like Bobby's touch with his team, and I think Anne is still yelling too much.

        • jeri says:

          Go figure, another post lost in cyberspace! I, too, am leaning toward Vinny, he seems to be gaining knowledge. Keeping Dorothy made me mad even though she did well on the challenge. Bobby is great with his team. He has patients and is light hearted with goofs. Anne does seem to yell a lot, but I think that is part of her personality. Let's see what tomorrow brings. Go recruits!

          • JLF says:

            Maybe Anne's yelling seems more obvious compared to Bobby's low key approach. Last season both she and Robert had similarly loud personalities, so the volume appeared more balanced.

            Regarding Dorothy, do you think Anne's favoritism is a crazy hair thing?

          • jeri says:

            Bobby is kinda lo key, maybe it just seems Anne is louder. Never thought about the hair thing, could be!! We shall see what happens tonight.

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