Bobby Flay and Food Network are Looking for Food Entrepreneurs

by in Community, March 7th, 2012

 bobby flay
Think you’ve got what it takes to open a restaurant? Food Network’s own Bobby Flay is lending a helping hand to first-time restaurateurs. In an exciting new series, Bobby helps people with no previous culinary experience overcome the obstacles and inherent pitfalls in opening a successful eatery.

Are you a passionate self-starter who has dropped everything, traded careers or invested it all in the cutthroat restaurant industry? Do you want Bobby Flay to help make sure the doors don’t close before they even open?

Series shooting now until June 8.

Email now with your story.

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Comments (63)

  1. cpeazey says:


  2. dew says:

    You used to get an update at the end of Food Network shows telling viewers how the restaurants are doing. Now viewers must go to the web — and the update is not here! In fact, it is still not up for the Ann Burrell show I watched several days ago. REALLY VERY ANNOYING! Use us to drive web traffic and then do it badly. shame on you

  3. STEVE says:

    where the word on stikkies chicken fingers?

    BOBBY YOU HELD IT TOGETHER and that crazy guy who couldn't get a recipe together ATER BEING ASKED.

    i really wonder how dog you convience some one to open a restaurant with NO RECIPE?????

    i mean don't you have to prepare samples just to be able to even talk about a store front????

  4. Jeni says:

    I'm sorry but am I the only one who thinks that if you start a business with no knowledge of the industry you're getting into, borrowing someone else's money with a pretentious, arrogant attitude, you kind of deserve to fail?? No lesson learned if people encourage Paul to continue behaving the way he does.

    • vicki0502 says:

      He can use some lithium.

    • wifey231 says:

      I know. I would go so far as to say that the primary investor was complicit in the madness. If someone was using $80K of my cash, you'd better darn well believe I'd be making sure they could deliver on their promises. The investor seemed like he had money to burn, and just didn't care. Must be nice.

  5. Sue says:

    Where's. The update on Stickeys that we were directed here to find? So Bobby can help get new restaurants off the ground, but he can't get the FN to update the website as they stated on TV……..

  6. NNBBFL says:

    So where's the part about how the place is doing now? This needs a picture of Alfred E Newman on the site…remember when Mad Magazine would have articles continue on a page that wasn't there???? What me worry? Can't imagine that a place like Sticky's could last for long unless Paul reigns in his ego and attitude. I hope he does for the sake of his staff who seem really committed and the food sounded good.

  7. Katie says:

    Of all the make-over restaurant shows, a host and chef doesn't talk down and belitte the people he is suppose to be helping! Thanks Bobby Flay! Awesome show!

    • Tony D says:

      I agree Katie, caught the show tonight and was happy to see a professional chef that can hold their temper and not go all balistic, I really have to give Bobby credit for holding it together when he was dealing with Paul… sometimes I just had to say WTF to his way of thinking…
      Great new show Bobby… Thanks

  8. Viktor says:

    A Great show with a lot of depth. Well done Bobby! I'll be watching! And, by the way, "Throw Down" was one of best shows ever! Don't be shy about bringing it back sometime in the future . . . maybe with a few new twists . . . All the best, Viktor from Pittsburgh, PA

  9. Gale Kibby says:

    The Sticky Fingers “Owner/Entrepreneur” , Paul, shows all of the symptoms of bipolar disorder with mania. He is on an emotional roller coaster and needs his meds! God bless you Bobby Flay for walking into that very hot mess!

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