What to Watch: Restaurant Stakeout

by in Shows, February 28th, 2012

willie degel restaurant stakeoutFollow tough-love restaurateur Willie Degel as he busts the bad habits of struggling restaurants on Food Network’s new show, Restaurant Stakeout. See what really happens when waiters, bartenders and kitchen and service staff think no one is watching. Armed with hidden-camera footage and covert surveillance from restaurants across the country, Willie doesn’t hold anything back. He tackles kitchen hazards and impossible customers alike, but is it enough to make a difference?

Tune in to the season premiere Wednesday, August 29 at 10 pm EST to find out.

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Comments (553)

  1. Kristen says:

    I have been in a lot of bad restaurants over the years an none ever had service as bad a the show here- this is so staged and fake- if these establishments really act like this- they wouldn't be in trouble they would be out of business. Seriously such a joke!

  2. Guest says:

    Toward the end of the show he has the owner get the staff together the next day for a meeting but the owner is always wearing the same clothes as the day before. ???

  3. RENA COREY says:

    A stupid show featuring an idiot.

  4. NicoleKnoxdf says:

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  5. Stacey says:

    Restaurant stakeout is pathetic. Ill never watch it again!!

  6. burçlar says:

    great show… thanx for it…

  7. schnip says:

    I hope Mustafa had to pay Scotty back the tip he bullied him to give up. Mustafa should have been fired.

  8. Phornyak says:

    Willie should have the owners training the weak staff at the end of the show, and supervising the process. Clearly the owners are the problem so it makes sense to train the owners to train the staff.

    • stakeoutfan says:

      The last episode was very confusing. Was the manager actually fired for pocketing the cash at the bar? I thought that it was a ruse that Willie had set up to test Danny, but it appeared that the manager really was fired as she never returned. Please explain?

  9. sohbet says:

    I really love coming here to have a very good blog.

  10. Anthony says:

    Anyone else notice that at the beginning of each episode of Restaurant Stakeout Willie arrives in a chauffeured luxury vehicle, dressed to the tee, but he returns to the restaurant after the stakeout, walking, and dressed in street clothes? I think that is so funny.

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