What to Watch: Restaurant Stakeout

by in Shows, February 28th, 2012

willie degel restaurant stakeoutFollow tough-love restaurateur Willie Degel as he busts the bad habits of struggling restaurants on Food Network’s new show, Restaurant Stakeout. See what really happens when waiters, bartenders and kitchen and service staff think no one is watching. Armed with hidden-camera footage and covert surveillance from restaurants across the country, Willie doesn’t hold anything back. He tackles kitchen hazards and impossible customers alike, but is it enough to make a difference?

Tune in to the season premiere Wednesday, August 29 at 10 pm EST to find out.

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Comments (555)

  1. LINDA says:


  2. dean says:

    Mr BIG DUMD WILL sure take his tumb stick up his ass

  3. John Southern says:

    I hoped for more given the marketing of this show after Restaurant: Impossible, one of my favorite FN shows. Willie is not believable or sincere and lacks anything remotely genuine. I get they have to ham it up for TV, but it gets to be insulting when they think we can't tell the difference between scripted drama and faux outrage. On tonight's episode not a single person, Wille, the Owner, the Owner's son Nick, or any of the staff showed a single real emotion. There were more real smirks because they new they would be on reality TV and not whisper of remorse for being screw ups. Completely insincere and a show that belongs on Spike TV. Send it over and get back to finding real personalities. FN was built upon great personalities but the last couple of years has saw a trend towards desperation and MTV Real World-esque nonsense and so much less about the food and food service. Horrific directing and execution of what could have been a great learning tool for people passionate about food, which is what Food Network is supposed to be about. I thought the numerous overkill elimination shows and the God awful Next Food Network stars (Guy Fieri as the exception) were a new low. I was wrong.

    • John Yurick says:

      I totally agree with this comment. If you want this show to last you better give control to the steak out guy and let him fire these POS help. It will save your show. I own a business and if any one of my employees acted like this they would be gone in a heart beat. Serious am about to stop watching this show because the climax SUCKS. Get Robert Irvine in there.

  4. ms. restaurateur says:

    This show is for someone who doesn't have a clue about restaurants. I've worked in them for 18 years (& counting) and graduated from HTM @ Purdue University when it was #1 in the country. This guy comes in, claims to be an EXPERT in fine dining?! Are you kidding me? I'd love to see him perform silver service. Lets set up some cameras, tell you where your service is lacking & get you a manager. BOOM, good to go. Everyone knows the HEART of a restaurant is the kitchen. <– This is why shows like Kitchen Nightmares & Restaurant : Impossible are so successful. I'm not saying that service isn't a focus, I'm saying this guy is Mr. Obvious with some cameras. Tell me about your experience, your education. You own three restaurants. Mr. Degel, you don't even have a wiki page. You can't speak CORRECTLY. If this guy rolled into MY establishment & started telling me about my business- I'd laugh in his face but then again, I HAVE cameras.

    • DanaD says:

      No, you are wrong. What happens out in the restaurant is just as important as the kitchen. If I was treated like these customers were treated,I would never return. The staff are a bunch of morons. They are lucky to have a job and should be thankful.

    • CJG says:

      I have been to his places in NY and they are outstanding. Show could be fake, but Willie's success as a restaurant owner of three outstanding steak houses and several "faster food" places is very real.

  5. Jay says:

    This show SUCKS big time. So disappointed in FN for airing something like this

  6. Sonya says:

    Wow…if he ..the host I mean was for real…he would realize a customer isn't always right…especially when you serve alcohol which most establishments do…hence cutting off customers….worked fine dining and dumps and experienced it at both…scripted as plain as day…stupid

  7. Sparky says:

    Just watched the stakeout at Nauna's in Montclair NJ. The manager worked the cash register,then picked up slices of pizza with his hands and put them in an oven.Money is one of the dirtiest things,and he handles food too!YUCK! If I was the customer ordering that pizza,I would have walked out.
    Restaurants should be more aware of the personal habits of their staff.Playing with hair,putting fingers in the mouth, touching money then food are a few of the things that gross me out.

  8. bienski says:

    This show is a BIG joke!!!!!! can you get Robert Irvine instead of this Willie Degel……This Willie plays very tough at the beginning while viewing the stakeout but when it's time to talk to the staff that should be fired ,he gets scared and do nothing . We want Robert Irvine….

  9. she' says:

    I really wish Willy D. Would make this show more believable by firing the staff that so disrespect the own ers money and customers. I would be afraid these people would spit in my food. I don’t understand why when if gets them to a sit down he smiles at them and basically let’s them off the hook. Watch the show “bar rescue” he takes over the staff for the days if is there, and let’s them have it. Firing people who laugh and disrespect him or the owner. Willy’s show spends a lot of time getting us mad then pats these jokers on the shoulder and expects they will do better…. Right! I feel ripped off that no changes really take place. I’ll give it a couple more watches cause I like the premis, but give us something to measure up to the build up!!

  10. Ruth says:

    I am watching this show on Saturday night…a re run from earlier in the week. I will not, I say not, watch it again!!!!!!!!! I am embarrassed for Food Network on so many levels. The "star" whoever he is should stay in the kitchen and never make an apperance in the front of the restaurant and NEVER on tv. Don't care if you keep the show running for the next decade I will not watch it again and it lowers my respect to the network that I will be more selective in new shows I tune in to.

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