Jeff Mauro Talks Sandwiches for the Big Game

by in Food Network Chef, Holidays, February 3rd, 2012

Jeff Mauro Talks Sandwiches for the Big Game
You created six new sandwiches for Food Network specifically for the big game this Sunday. How did you come up with them?

JM: They are easy sandwiches I would want to eat while watching a game. Plus, they hold well so they are going to remain fresh and tasty, at least until halftime, when they’re all gone.

rueben meatball slidersWhich one can we expect on your menu?

JM: My good friend is actually hosting an engagement party the day of the big game, which is not only grounds for a man-card revocation, but also cuts into my prep time. That’s why I’m making the Rueben Meatball Sliders. They are easy to make ahead, as well as the Monster Muffaletta, which really involves no cooking.

It seems like bread can make or break a sandwich. How do you know which type to use?

JM: Start with fresh bread treated right. The texture and mass of the bread cannot overpower the sandwich’s contents. If you are using day-old rolls or buns, make sure to butter and griddle them. Reactivate the supple qualities and make it a pillowy vehicle for what lies in between.

Why sandwiches for the Super Bowl?

JM: You save on purchasing and washing tons of silverware. Plus, it frees up one of your hands when it’s time to cheer, have a drink or bet a square.

What else is on your menu?

JM: Bowls of chips. Got to have chips. Lots and lots of chips. And, just in case, a bottle of Gout medication.

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Comments (15)

  1. ash says:

    When does Sandwich King come back on air?

  2. Jmore says:

    Where can I find the sandwich king show?

  3. jihan mahmoud says:

    can we have some ideas for school sandwiches ??

  4. RAY says:


  5. Kathy says:

    I'm glad for you that you got your own show Jeff!

  6. Mary says:

    I love your Superbowl ideas and cannot wait to see the new shows!! I went crazy when the first ones ended. You are my new favorite on the Food Network! Paula Deen is now second though I still love her dearly. Emeril was my favorite but they took him off and I watch him on another network now. You are awesome. Don' t go all healthy on us, a little healthy is okay but forget the turkey burger, soy and sprouts. You do food that real people love and eat.

  7. indyfromaz says:

    I think you have a great concept and execute it very well. Hope there are more episodes.

  8. 14amyb says:

    I loved your show!! I’m so happy your coming back. Thank Bobby Flay for us. Your awesome, I always made what you did.

  9. FanFare57 says:

    Geez. This article is rather uninformative. JM's "tips" of serving sandwiches to free up using utensils is not exactly a new idea. I believe most bachelors and shut ins (who don't like to entertain) have been doing that for generations. The monster sized sandwich probably doesn't fit into most people's mouths. I still can't fathom how the hell he won NFNS with such a simpleton's concept.

  10. FanFare57 says:

    I forgot to mention his other brainy suggestion for game day: serve bowls of chips and more chips. Thanks for the hot tip.

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