How to Make the Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie

by in Food Network Magazine, How-to, February 29th, 2012

crispy chocolate chip cookies

Make chocolate chip cookies exactly how you like them with these tips from Food Network Magazine:

  • Crispy Chocolate Chip Cookies (pictured above) bake longer than the average cookie so they end up brown all over, not just around the edges.
  • Superfine sugar makes for a fine crumb and crisp texture.
  • Vegetable oil helps the batter spread so the cookies come out extra thin.

chewy chocolate chip cookies

  • The high proportion of brown sugar keeps Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies moist in the middle.
  • Sifting the dry ingredients incorporates air into the batter and helps make the cookies soft.
  • Chilling the dough prevents it from spreading too much in the oven.

crispy-cakey chocolate chip cookies

  • A high oven temperature makes Crispy-Cakey Chocolate Chip Cookies crisp around the edges.
  • The middle stays thick and cakey because the baking time is so short.
  • Getting this texture is easier if you use smaller-sized mounds of dough.

cakey chocolate chip cookies

  • There’s more flour than usual, plus baking powder and baking soda, so Cakey Chocolate Chip Cookies end up thick and scone-like.
  • Cake flour and cornstarch give these cookies their cakey texture.
  • The butter in this recipe is only lightly beaten, which helps the cookies puff up.
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