Creating the Perfect Pancake: It’s Not As Easy As It Looks

by in Shows, February 13th, 2012

tiffany michelle and vinner caligiuri
On last night’s season premiere of Worst Cooks in America, we were introduced to 16 new “recruits,” each nominated by family and friends for their atrocious cooking skills. They were split into two teams: Team Anne and Team Bobby.

For their first challenge, the teams were tasked to make breakfast: pancakes, bacon and eggs. Their mentors showed them how to make their favorite version of a pancake, plus four basic ways to make eggs: poached, sunny-side up, over-easy and scrambled.

As Bobby is getting his feet wet as a first-timer on this show, he quickly realized that he couldn’t take teaching his team for granted when Vinnie Caligiuri asked him whether cinnamon sticks would melt in maple syrup when heated on the stove.

After tasting all their dishes, it was evident that making pancakes isn’t as easy as it looks. Too heavy, not cooked all the way through and forgetting flour were just some of the mistakes that both Bobby and Anne dealt with.

Have you run into these same problems at home? If you want to make super-fluffy pancakes, Anne says to fold in egg whites.

Not sure when to flip your pancake? Wait until most of the bubbles on top have burst and left a hole below. The batter takes on a dry sheen, as well.

Using a wide spatula, lift the pancake off the griddle and flip it over, placing it back down on the griddle. The first ones won’t color as evenly as the later ones.

Try making Bobby’s recipe at home (Blue Corn Pancakes With Orange Honey Butter and Cinnamon Maple Syrup) and post your photos on Food Network’s Facebook wall.

If you don’t have blue corn on-hand, try one of 50 varieties Food Network Magazine whipped up.


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Comments (51)

  1. Suspicious says:

    These people make me feel better about my cooking. I think they all lack common sense, and that's an incredibly important thing to have when following any instructions or recipes.

    • FanFare57 says:

      I wonder why none of them know how to read (as in recipes from cook books or friends)…

      • jeri says:

        One would think. But, I have gotten recipes from people that would take a rocket scientist to figure out. I can usually figure them out because I've been cooking 40+ years. A know-nothing wannabe, forget it!!!!!

  2. JLF says:

    As in the previous 2 seasons, what makes the majority of these bad cooks so bad is (1) their inability to follow directions, and (2) a refusal to taste as they cook. Did you notice that almost every one of them, when asked, said thay did not know what their dishes taste like. So, as in previous seasons, whoever learns to listen to their chef and to taste their food will have the best chance of winning. I think that's why Ann chose to cut Richard – he didn't look like he was going to listen to her advice.

    Too soon for me to choose who to root for, but I'm leaning towards a couple on Bobby's team.

  3. Reuben says:

    I'm rooting for Anne's team. I don't believe Flay will beat Chef Anne's team.

    • Tract says:

      I think bobby had no idea it would go all the way back to before basics. The camera in your face the pressure of the clock and its the small details like curl your fingers, simmer don't boil. Oh I don't know if he can beat Anne.

  4. jeri says:

    Hi JLF, nice to see you back! I agree, you have to follow direction and know what you're food tastes like. Richard not only looked like he wasn't going to listen, he didn't! He also had a cocky attitude that told Anne to boot him sooner, rather than later.

    I, too, have a couple of Bobby's recruits picked out, and a couple of Anne's, but it's too soon to tell.

    • JLF says:

      Hi jeri,
      My husband had Richard pegged pretty quick for an early exit. Talking to his pot to make it "bubble" was a litle weird, and he didn't seem to get it that goofing off would not impress his chef.

      We also laughed out loud when Erica told Bobby that she had turned her omlet with "one wooden thing and 2 steel things". What a hoot!! Even Hubby who can't cook a thing knows what to call the utensils.

      We're off to a good start and I hope the contestants will calm their nerves some as they get into the swing of things. Looking forward to next week.

      • jeri says:

        My husband laughed his a.. off watching that show. He loves to cook and couldn't believe there are people out there that bad! He asked what the name of the show was, asked why I wasn't on it and after the introductions quickly apologized!!!! He finally admitted after 40 years of practice I ended up being a "dam good cook"!

        Can't wait for next week. Hopefully everyone will be calmer.

  5. ema says:

    I think Anne is a jerk for kicking Richard off her team (Worst Cooks in America). He seemed like a nice, respectful, light-hearted guy doing his best with the cooking challenge. I think he was eliminated for personal reasons and not his cooking. I'm definitely not a fan of Anne's anymore. I'm Team Flay. And when is Anne going to change that out-of-date "rock star" hair she's been sporting forever?

    • Tracy says:

      When you take the time they do to come up with a forum to teach provide the tools and their expertise you would understand the frustration from Anne as this guy made a complete joke of it all. I was watching myself and asked "and this guy is a lawyer?" what? I was actually thinking of not watching if they let him stay. At the end of the day it's about teaching those who really want this. I didn't get that from him at all. It's not about being on tv. And I bet they picked him out of respect for what he has achieved and he didn't return the favor. Nope I am defiantly glad he is gone.

  6. kath68911 says:

    i never laughed so hard watching a cooking show my husband and I look forward to next week they need to keep erica for comedy value if nothing else

  7. Angela says:

    I'm voting for Benjamin and Robert (blue and red, respectively).

    • JLF says:

      Both are on my radar too. (hopefully Robert will keep his hair pulled back out of the food). I'm also liking Kelli on red and Vinnie on blue. I'm hoping to see some more of the women stand out, but there are some really flakey ones this time.

      • jeri says:

        Yes, it would be nice to see Robert's hair out of the way! I would like to see Kelli improve. Benjimen, possibly. Vinnie, potential. A lot of the females are flakey, and ditzie, but hopefully they can improve. Hope so. Joshie won with his ADHD, so maybe there is hope. I still can't believe he rode the cart through the store!!! I also thought the commercials were hillarious!!!

  8. mlp says:

    I loved the commercials for this show and it looks like the season will be just as entertaining. I root for an individual rather than a team so I'm hoping someone emerges as engaging as Joshie whom I loved last season. I don't have their names sorted out yet but, so far, I like all the men left except the self-absorbed guy who served marshmallows. Of the women, I like the pretty black woman who said she's a stay at home mother and possibly the poker player although I became dubious about her being there when I heard that she was on another reality show some time ago.

  9. Kate says:

    OMG. I am so glad Worst Cooks in America is back for more. Bobby Flay has no idea what he's in for!!!
    If anyone is looking for a healthy pancake recipe, check out the link below.

  10. Sherry says:

    I'm rooting for anyone on Bobby Flay's team!

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