Paula Deen’s Recipes Get Healthy, Y’All

by in Shows, January 11th, 2012
Bobby and Paula Deen
Bobby is putting his mother Paula Deen's recipes on a diet.

Staying slim with celebrated Southern chef Paula Deen in the kitchen? It ain’t easy, y’all.  But that’s what Paula’s son Bobby has managed to do. His secret? Remaking his mama’s most crave-worthy recipes so they’re lighter, leaner and still just as delicious.

In Bobby’s new show, Not My Mama’s Meals, he slims down Paula’s most indulgent dishes to match his lifestyle. Tonight at 9pm ET on Cooking Channel, Bobby remakes Paula’s famous Pimento Cheese spread into a delicious grilled cheese sandwich, that’s just a little lighter. But you’re still gonna love it…

See all the Paula Deen recipes, before and after.

And guess who’s coming for a visit? Mama Paula surprises Bobby with a special trip from beloved Savannah to New York to check out Bobby’s new digs and kitchen.

What’s Paula gonna say about Bobby fussing around with her tried and true recipes?

Is anybody home, y'all?

Tune in tonight to find out!

Not My Mama’s Meals on Cooking Channel:

More Resolution-Friendly Recipes on Cooking Channel:

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Comments (125)

  1. jaybeebaybee says:

    I barely know where to start. Has anyone seen Andrew Zimmerman in the new TOYOTA COMMERCIALS? Rachael Ray in her ZIPLOC BAGS commercials? Although, Anthony Bourdain could stand to make a little more cash if he starred in a methadone commercial. Implying that Paula cooks such decadent and rich foods in order to develop Type 2 diabetes so she can have a multi-million dollar endorsement deal from a pharmaceutical company, is beyond ridiculous. I don't blame her for not revealing her diagnosis. It's an intensely private matter. The worst and most unreasonable reaction though, is awarded to the Type 2 diabetics who are up-in-arms over this. If you really want something to be pissed-off about, ask Novo-Nordisk why the insulin they market costs so much! How do I know these things? I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes more than 25 years ago. Did the Type 1 diabetics go street-rat-crazy and start raising hell when Insulin Pumps were marketed and prescribed to Type 2 diabetics? So quit riding on Paula, and let's hope she can overcome this new hurdle. Support her and anyone else you know whom has diabetes. None of us want it, and we all want to be rid of it.

  2. Julie Meyer says:

    I would just like to ask America: WTF? Why is everyone ripping on Paula Deen for having diabetes? Have any of these critics done any French cooking? Do they recall any of Julia Child's recipes? I am shocked that people would be so self righteous and cruel when someone is diagnosed with a disease. I smoked cigarettes when I was young. Will you laugh at me if I get lung cancer? Wow, have the self-righteous religious zealots warped the minds of the culinary community, too? I personally have loved all the recipes I have tried of Paula's (few, I must admit, but for no particular reason other than I prefer my own) but they were scrumptious. Paula never advised me to eat the whole pan of bread pudding french bread. All things in moderation people.
    Paula, I wish you health and happiness in the future and look forward to your decadent recipes (sans Bobbie).

    • JLF says:

      I agree with your sentiment as a whole, but please don't assume that the zealots are religeously motivated. I have a strong faith life and I am not one of those condemning Paula. I haven't seen a trend in the hateful comments that suggests religeous overtones – just narrow minds.

    • ShellyKelly79 says:

      I quite agree. Keep your head up Paula. Your illness is your own. I love your enthusiasm and passion for food. You have never suggested that people cook (and eat) the way you do every day at every meal. Everyone has their personal responsibility for their health. Fast food restaurants and unhealthy snacks are readily available at every turn. You keep on making your deliciously decadent recipes. I'll make them when I want a treat and tone down the decadence as isee fit for me (and my family).

  3. Petra Holt says:

    Paula YOU ARE THE BEST so whoever has a problem with you, they can go ahead and solve the problem with themselves. It's ridiculous to wish you bad and treat you like you were poisoning them. It just makes me laugh. You cooked ab fab and few recipes a month will never make anyone unhealthy or fat or sick but will make their palette richer.

    and you all being so mean, go to Europe and you will see what is bad for you! :)

    • Michelle says:

      It is ridiculous to wish anyone bad… However, Paula only came forward with her disease because she was going to be paid millions (some sources say $30,000,000.00) by the pharmaceutical company to advertise their drug. First off, Americans that do not wish to purchase health insurance may lose their constitutional right to make that choice; while other Americans can still have their choices in poor eating habits, no exercise, and smoking that we all will have to pay the price in increased health care insurance costs because of these choices. Isn't that the reason that the Americans that don't want to purchase health insurance might lose their right, because of increased burden for health care insurance? Why is one group being targeted, while the other groups get to flaunt their poor lifestyle choices. Not only does she flaunt it, but she will profit handsomely from her cooking empire and now the drug company. Seriously, how could anyone accept money to promote a drug. If it helps and you believe in it, you should promote it for free. Better yet, why do they advertise to non-medical professionals in the media to the tune of millions of dollars; when that is a decision that should be made by a doctor? Doesn't the cost of advertising drive up the price of the drug? If drugs cost more, doesn't that make our insurance cost more? Think about it, we are all in this together. If we are going to pay the price for other people's decisions, do we have the right to do something about it? And can we discriminate about who gets their choices and who loses their right to choose?

  4. AnnoyedinNY says:

    The reason that so many people are angry is that she waited until she had a deal with a DRUG COMPANY to release the news about her type II diabetes. It is one thing to sell a car, but to use your disease, caused by your lifetime of unhealthy eating and lack of exercise to support Big Pharma, who makes drugs that most people cannot afford is wrong. How about just living and eating healthier? Why support popping pills that do not cure anything? It's all about money for Paula, and she has become the spokesperson for stupid, fat southerens who refuse to change their thinking or their behavior.

    • mommamick says:

      Really,Really! I just can not believe how somebody can be so extremely ignorant. To make a comment saying that southeners are stupid, fat and refuse to change their thinking or behavior is what is stupid. Shame on your parents for not teaching you better manners and for not teaching you how to spell correctly.

  5. Judy says:

    I admire Paula Deen for developing great recipes for so many to enjoy at their own will. If anyone ever really listened to her they would know something about her and raising her son's. It was their means of support and just look at their family love for one another. She was a success and I say keep the chin up and ignore those who may either be jealous or just need someone to pick at.

  6. Lyn says:

    We as adults need to take responsiblity for ourselves and not blame any on chef on FN programs. I have never heard Paula Dean say you have to eat this or that. We choose what we eat or create inthe kitchen. She did not give us any illness!! She is a Southern Chef, if you eat the way she cooks, then yes you will gain weight, but that is your choice. I too have type 2 and working on my diet and cooking habits. Not easy folks!!!!!
    Try it sometime, then tell us it's easy to change everything. Grow up!!!! It is nobody's fault. Make her reciepes and tone them down to meet your needs..Why does she have to make any thing public? would you?
    Paula, please do a reciepe book with your lighter fare. Thank you in advance.

  7. Dinah says:

    Just finished watching the Deen brothers thanksgiving with their Mom (Paula Deen) and family. What a beautiful family. She has two wonderful sons and two gorgeous grandsons. You go Paula!

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