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guy fieri
Two of Food Network’s most popular personalities, Rachael Ray and Guy Fieri, are going head-to-head in a new series, Rachael vs. Guy Celebrity Cook-Off. Both Rachael and Guy serve as coaches and mentors to eight multi-talented celebrities, ranging from an Olympic gold medalist to Grammy-winning artists to a Golden Globe-nominated actor — contestants who are all passionate about food and cooking.

Food Network recently caught up with Guy to talk about the show and Team Guy on Twitter and Facebook.

@Rbrittenham: What are you going to do to make your team stand out? What will set you apart?
GF: I want them to be individually creative and do their best.

@jcaonguyen: Which celebrity had no cooking experience at all prior to being on the show?
GF: All had some sort of experience, but I can’t give away insider info. You’ll be surprised just how strong they really are.

@sometimes2kind: At any point did you want to jump in and help your team?
GF: At any point? At ANY point? At every point. I’m still stressed about it.

Nicolas Christian Lopez: Guy, what’s your strategy against the 30 minute-meal queen?
GF: There’s really no strategy. We didn’t have enough awareness of the celebrities’ culinary experience to have a strategy ahead of time, but we knew Rachael would bring it, so we knew we had to go big, too.

Philesha Evans: Which “celebri-chef” are you most looking forward to working with on the cook-off?
GF: I’m a big fan of Coolio, Lou Diamond Phillips (Young Guns) and Cheech Marin (Cheech and Chong!). If these three dudes can cook as talented as they are, this should be interesting.

Sherissa Gonzales Go: Did you really get to choose the celebrities on your team?
GF: Yep. It was just like picking a team for kickball in elementary school.

Damita Johnson: How are you going to motivate and inspire your team to win as many challenges as possible?
GF: I’m going to have them push their culinary limits and not play it safe. This was the time, this was the moment — it was go big or go home, literally.


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Comments (40)

  1. Mary Kiley says:

    Hi Guy! Great little diner for breakfast and lunch in Wakefield, MA called the Blue Moon Grill. The BEST gluten free pancakes ever. Gluten-eaters seems to really rave about it too. We people with celiac disease who LOVE TO EAT would sure love to see anything on FN about great GF eating – and especially Triple D! Thanks!

  2. Monique says:

    The question I have is do these celebrities really cook their own meals at home? Or is this just for the show? On celebrity reality shows (example: Housewives of Beverly Hills) you never see them cooking. Only eating food they ordered or prepared by their personal chef. Anyone can learn how to cook and this show will help them.

  3. Kret says:

    I wondered why some of the contestants on "Cook Off" are sending the money out of the US. We have children going to bed hungry every night. (I worked in a school and know this for a fact.) Isn't there a way to keep the money here? I have several friends that have stopped watching the program because of this.

  4. claudia says:

    I love you…………

  5. chula32 says:

    dinner, driver and dive's, God how i love that show i never miss one just keep do it that way ….your # 1 fan!!

  6. Christine Harris says:

    Love to watch your shows. Was wanting to make a suggetion for a place called Heaven on Earth Resturant. It is in Azeala, Oregon. Its been around for 38 years and they make the best cinnammon rolls ever.

  7. cyn1990 says:

    how is it possible that on sunday episode on summers dish they let a fly run along the bread. that is so nasty

    • sammilimo says:

      Also on the show getting food from the food not perfect going to the garbage, the judge with the white hair, male, had a fly walking on his hair……

  8. Guest says:

    I think the show like most are staged and edited to get the best response from us the viewer, more talk =more buzz

  9. Jeanna says:

    I will never watch the show again….Aylissa salad you both ate it n wouldn't even touch the other dish because the salmon was raw.. That should of been a dead ringer she lost….The show was a disappointment compare to both of your other shows…

    • @jbrummal says:

      @guyfieri I agree with @Jeanna. I thought this show was about which was the best dish at the time of sampling, not what MIGHT be the best dish in the end. There is NO ONE in their right mind who would order a salad with grilled salmon and not SEND IT BACK if the salmon was raw – regardless of sushi quality or not. You both put the criteria on there that something must be cooked, and hers was not cooked correctly. Something is up…might google the relationship between Rachel and the winner of the cook-off![polldaddy 5850032 polldaddy]

    • sammilimo says:

      If they wanted raw food they would have requested it..she made a mistake….and it cost her her position

  10. @Bln711 says:

    Guy,my husband is a huge fan of DDD, he would love 2 know where u get your shirts, please! Thx!!

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