Grand Central Fun Facts — The Next Iron Chef

by in Shows, December 1st, 2011

Grand Central Challenge

Behind the scenes on The Next Iron Chef, Food Network’s culinary production team is responsible for making sure that the rival chefs have everything they need to cook and present their dishes — from a stocked pantry to plenty of serving vessels. They shared some fun facts about what it took to pull off the Grand Central Station challenge in episode five.

How many hours did it take to shoot the Grand Central challenge?
Fifteen hours, during which we had to stop production for five minutes because of a flash mob that took place in the terminal.

Was the Grand Central Market closed to regular customers during the challenge?
The market opened to the public just as we were finishing the shopping scramble, so the chefs had to work around some patrons.

Alex Guarnaschelli shopping at Grand Central

Were any of the market stalls off-limits to the chefs?
Simon Majumdar is allergic to coffee, so even though there was a coffee stall open to them in the market, they couldn’t buy anything from there. Alex was the only one who went over to the stall and she asked for the bags that were used during judging with the aromas of NYC inside.

Bagels for Secret Ingredient Showdown

How many bagels were purchased for the Secret Ingredient Challenge?
Thirteen dozen: plain, onion, sesame, poppy, everything, whole wheat, blueberry, cinnamon raisin and pumpernickel. The leftover bagels were then donated to the school we were shooting in.

More behind-the-scenes extras from Super Chefs, episode 5:

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Comments (60)

  1. Cameron says:

    Why is everyone fighting and getting stressed over what chefs are losing and which are winning? Its called FOOD network not CHEF network. Focus on the food that's being made, not who's making it.

    • katiep says:

      We are, sugar. Based on judging last week, Alex should have been in the bottom two, even in we already knew they wouldn't eliminate her since she's a given for the final two.

      • Gale says:

        How are you reading that????
        If Vegas was making odds, I'd have to go for Anne and Geofrey in the final 2.
        Now that would be a battle. If you watch Alex, she stresses far too easily. Stress while cooking is not a good thing. Of course Michael may also be a possibility. Since Mario left, there is no Italilan influence in the mix. I'm thinking that somewhere along the line Elizabeth is going to be sacraficed.

    • Kim says:

      I have been saying that all night Chef Ann did cook the best tonight. You know tonight that the auction was about risks how can the judges say that poaching a lobster or raw beef is a risk. EVERYONE knows that being a Iron Chef is about the secret ingredient she used it best the judges had nothing bad to say about her dish were with Chef Zakhrian hid the secret ingredient in his souffle. SHE WAS VOTED OFF BY JUDGES SHOWING FAVORITES>

  2. guest says:

    I agree – don't rotate the judges!! The chemistry is so good the way it is now! Judy adds some spark which I love too.

  3. beansandweenies says:

    Hello. After reading some of the posts it looks like I'm in the minority in thinking that Robert Irvine isn't all that and a bag of chips. He can crank out the food but much of it looks like crap. For example, in one episode of Restaurant Impossible he made a burger that looked like a small charcoal briquette on an oversized bun. If I were to be served that and be expected to pay for it I would send it back. In another episode (maybe it was the same one), his idea for a cheap yet profitable appetizer was a mess he called "potato chip nachos", which looked as ridiculous as it sounds. Not a Anne Burrell fan either. Something about a grown woman who dresses like an elementary schoolgirl whose crackhead mom picked out her wardrobe just isn't appealing. One red sock and one green sock? With a dress? Really? That's neither cute nor can it pass as "whimsical" after, oh, I don't know…puberty.

    • Kim says:

      I think you are closed minded it shouldn't be about what you are wearing this is about cooking. She was cheated tonight and this show is about the judges favorites not about the food. I am upset with Micheal Simon I think he showed favorites tonight.

  4. beansandweenies says:

    I was glad to see Samuelsson get the boot. The look on his face when they delivered the news was priceless. Chiarello is just a d-bag. So is Zacharian, but I find him a little easier to stomach. I like both Alex and Faulkner and wouldn't mind seeing either one of them win. On the idea that the fix is in…IDK. I would hope not, but when I first heard that Spike was going to be one of the competitors my initial thought was that he was chosen for the sole purpose of being the first eliminated as a big fat middle finger to BRAVO. I feel validated after reading others had the same thought. I know that some of the others were on TC Masters, but they were already renowned chefs. Spike made for the perfect sacrificial lamb, and I'm not a fan by any means. Can't stand him.

    • Christine says:

      Falkner is awesome! I wouldn't mind seeing her as an Iron Chef. it would be nice to see someone with a different style. I love that she has so much pastry techniques incorporated into savory dishes. Oh, and I love, love, love ice-cream! She works wonders with that ice-cream maker!

      • beansandweenies says:

        I agree. Her pastry experience definitely gives her an edge in this thing. It seems there aren't a whole lot of chefs who are as proficient as she is with both savory *and sweet. IMO, she's the most well-rounded one in the group, which is the main reason I'm pulling for her. Falkner rocks, but if Alex beats her out that's ok, too. :)

    • Gale says:

      You dislike Marcus
      You have a low oppinion of Michael
      You think the same about Geofrey
      You can't stand Spike
      Your not a big fan of Robert
      You don't like Anne's attire.
      You've missed Chuck and Beau
      FOOD, do you not understand FOOD
      If the FOOD isn't the STAR, there is no reason for the show.
      And just a note, as a self professed foody, Beansandweeinies aren't good eats. If beans are to be mixed with anything, perhaps duck, pork, chicken, into a casoulet, yum….

      • beansandweenies says:

        Yep. That pretty much sums it up. I didn't mention Chuck or Beau because neither one of them elicit a reaction one way or the other. I understand food quite well. Do you not understand competition and the emotional aspect involved in watching what amounts to a spectator sport, which is exactly what Food Network created with this show? Like it or not, personalities are a huge part of the entertainment value. So sue me. And since you went there…you, being a self professed foody and all, should know that there are many variations on a theme in food. If you stop and think outside the box you realize that beans and weenies take on many forms and can indeed be good eats. Lentils with a pork, chicken, or turkey sausage for example is quite healthy (and tasty), as is a nice grilled seafood sausage with a black bean relish…the possibilities are endless. What? A self professed foody such as yourself thought beans and weenies were nothing but a package of Oscar Meyers and a can of Van DeKamps? Tsk.

        • Gale says:

          OK I'll bow to the beans and sausages. When someone says beansandweenies, my first though is of the overly sweet, way overcooked, goop that was served in grade school.
          Now when you speak of personalities, how do you rank the personality of that I'm better than anyone, monotone, no smile cake baker?
          Until she showed up here, I never heard of her.
          Now I've watched Michael on his program Easy Entertaining, and I've watched Anne on several different programs, and either of these 2 have more personality in their knife that Liz has in the whole kitchen.
          I also like Geoffrey, however have only seen him cook her and on the Chopping Block. As a judge on The Chopping Block have always found him personalble and fair.
          Alex is also a fair judge, a little blah on the personality though. If one of the gals comes out of this as the winner, I figure she'll need to have the skills and personality to compete with Cat Cora. Now do you really think Falkners personality is anywhere close to Cat's????

          • FanFare57 says:

            Falkner challenged Cat Cora on ICA and lost – she didn't complete her 5 dishes. She was a nebbish then as well. If she were alone in a room, she'd be missed. What a wallflower.

    • Whoopie Pie says:

      Chiarello has got to go…….. the arrogant SOB

  5. guest says:

    WHY WHY WHY are they pushing Burrell? Her cookbook is promoted after commercials before the show comes back on. Chef Andrea wanted to make her 'shine' for this challenge at grand central station and there have been other instances where it just seems like the food network and/or other chef's have some agenda to have Burrell win this thing. I would NEVER watch this show again if she wins! She is clearly not up to par with almost any of the other chefs and it is just so blatant that they are setting it up for her to win.

    • Riverofgrass says:

      I agree. I was just saying this to my husband. She got root beer, the easiest of that challenge, she got the most seriously game changing advantage tonight. What the heck, why would you let a contestant pick who is in the bottom for a competition like this? Of course it seems like they saved that advantage just for her.

      We used to love this show….this season is making me not want to watch it again. I can tell you if Burrell is the next iron chef, I won't watch her

      They need to make this about the cooking and the food and be more level in the matches. Giving one chef root beer and one chef sour gummy worms is not even close to the same thing

    • FanFare57 says:

      Obviously, Anne's cookbook promo every 10 minutes is FN's version of a parting gift for losing.
      I am very sorry to see her go, though. She was the most original chef out there.

  6. John Iron says:

    They want a woman to win, and it played out that one will win. Since Cat Cora is gone there are only men Iron Chefs and if they wanted a woman from the start of this season, They should have just picked one instead of having this charade of a contest when some of real great chef are getting booted for a job that was not meant for them to start. Good to have a woman Iron Chef again but the food network with these contest show and are getting worse and should go back to real show about food. That being said I hope it is Burell or Fauklner the other one (Alex) needs to go and get a dose of her own medicine for her lame judging on Chopped .

  7. Don says:

    Our iron tummies are also ready =)

  8. mad in Georgia says:

    After Chef Anne was eliminated last week, I was totally upset and won't watch anymore. Thye asked her to vote for the chef who didn't take the most risk, clearly she did this and then got thrown under the bus because of it. After years of her with Iron Chef Mario working with him on the show as his assistant, chef Anne deserved better than the treatment she got from these "judges" and food network. This is one viewer than will not be tuning in anymore.

  9. FanFare57 says:

    What a disgusting comment! Are you on medication?

  10. JennyFrederick says:

    I was so upset when ann lost. I want so bad to see alex get it next. This woman thinks she is the greatest and always looks dirty to me. Her hair and clothes and her face looks like she needs to wash it. I am sorry alex but it is the truth. Ann adds zing to her shows with her very witty ways and how she dresses.

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