POLL: Will You Be Eating Thanksgiving Dinner at Home or a Restaurant?

by in Holidays, November 16th, 2011

brined herb turkey

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  1. James Christensen says:

    My Mom pa..ssed way in 2001. As a kid I loved waking to the smell of turkey. Mom always used the neck and jibblets for the gravy. How do I do that? I love your network and all of the Chefsl

    Jim Christensen
    McPherson, Kansas

    • Cathey says:

      Rinse the contents of the neck package and place in a pot of water, bring to a slow boil and then simmer oh about 30-45 minutes. Let cool down in the pot then take the meat off the neck chop it, chop the gizzard, liver and heart. Add to stained pan dripping and prepare gravy your usual way. Enjoy, amazing how family and holiday always bring the best memories.

    • Well the best way to make it. is from your heart… I can not tell you exactly because I'll be giving away my Grandmother's secret recipe. Good luck

  2. awible says:

    I have never, and will never, celebrate Thanksgiving at a restaurant. Period.

  3. Justin says:

    I have had Thanksgiving's at a restaurant in the past but absolutely nothing replaces a potluck Thanksgiving at home planned with MyPotluckApp.com. This year I'll be going to meet the fiance's grandmother for the first time and I am extremely nervous. THAT is what Thanksgiving is all about! hahaha

  4. Tina says:

    At home and I'l be cooking it.

  5. @jwillisATL says:

    I always make a fresh turkey with my Mom's signature Chorizo stuffing (which includes sauted onions, sliced green olives, giblets, homemade turkey stock, butter and spices)! The entire family loves it!!____Judy Willis__Atlanta, GA

  6. Akiko Harada says:

    I would never think of eating out on Thanksgiving. My husband is a excelent home cook and his turkey dinners are magnificent.

  7. Kiana says:

    You guys should add more then 1 place!! I celebrate thanksgiving like 3 times a year and usually twice on thanksgiving! 1 at home (I love leftovers!!) and one at the parents!!

  8. foodnetworkfans says:

    I guess we pick home if it's the home of another person?

  9. Thanksgiving like Christmasis very important to me, because it is the two times of the year that people are honest and faithfall. Alot of love is shown and families com together. I never could understand when people say they don't have family. That truly breaks my heart, because we all came from somewhere. This is the time to forgive and forget!
    My Grandmother started me cooking thanksgiving dinner at the age of twelve. I love the preparing and seeing the smiles on people faces.
    gracefully Prepared has alot of meaning to me for many of reasons and it is the name of my catering service.

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