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by in Shows, November 11th, 2011

Have you always wanted a say in who gets cast on Chopped, to somehow influence the four contestants featured on the show or to watch some of your favorite Chopped competitors battle again? Viewers now have an unprecedented opportunity to cast an episode of Chopped with four returning challengers.

Do these contestants look familiar to you? These chefs have already been featured on Chopped, but during their first challenges, they lost in monumental, disastrous and shocking eliminations. After nine seasons and hundreds of contestants, Chopped judges have seen their share of winners and losers, but this group may simply take the cake.

Check out how the eight Chopped losers were unceremoniously eliminated, then cast your vote for four contestants you want to be featured in an upcoming episode of Chopped.

Luis Gonzalez, Season 1, Episode 5
An epic sugar-salt mix-up caused Luis to be chopped during the final dessert round.

Tiffany Jefferies, Season 9, Episode 9
Tiffany was chopped after round one because her appetizer dish was overly sweet and her general kitchen skills lacked finesse.

Colin Kruzic, Season 6, Episode 2
His platings lacked attention to detail, and the clock got away from him, causing him to be chopped after just the first round.

Monica Langowski, Season 7, Episode 3
She was chopped after the second round, once she forgot to present her hard cider sauce — a key part of her dish — and had trouble reaching the correct cooking temperatures of several ingredients.

Gwenael LePape, Season 1, Episode 12
He was chopped in round one after he failed to plate a single thing, although, after tasting his sauce, Judge Chris Santos said Gwenael had the potential to go all the way.

Marja Samson, Season 5, Episode 10
The self-proclaimed Dumpling Queen cross-contaminated cooking and preparation surfaces, leading her to be chopped during the second round.

John Sierp, Season 3, Episode 9
Undercooked chicken wings were the culprit for John and led him to be chopped after making it to the final two.

Wei Wen, Season 7, Episode 6
Wei was chopped after the third round, unable to recover from a forced move to Plan B execution during the entrée round.

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Comments (267)

  1. KaleighHall says:

    Hi, I am 11 years old and love watching Chopped… Is there a way I might be able to be a special guest or something, to catch what it really feels like to see people under so much stress??? I would really appreciate if I got to come and say hi to you all :)

  2. William Conrad says:

    Hey Im 10 years old and I am wondering if I could be on chopped. I love the show and cooking

  3. Will says:

    If there are any kids who are interested in being on chopped we should all email Ted Allen and see if we could get on

  4. Sabrina says:

    I absolutely love Chef Madison! You can feel his heart through the TV. I would love to eat something that he cooks.

  5. Dee says:

    In most of the episodes I have seen, there has been at least one cocky, arrogant, D-Bag in the group. Why do those individuals usually win? If the judges aren't going to be consistent regarding the rules of the food, then they should chop the chefs who are undeserving of the privilege of competing. Just my opinion…….

  6. Joy says:

    So I was wondering if i could be on chopped. I'm only 15 but i think i would be a good idea to do a chopped episode for high school students and they compete for a culinary scholarship.!

  7. kelly says:

    Why do they always have to have ingredients that are cruel? Live Lobsters that the chefs have to kill, sea urchans, etc., I just noticed the same on Iron Chef. I simply can't watch sometimes because it seem like anymore, that's all they are having.

  8. Sandra Matthews says:

    I know this is supposed to be about Chopped but I want to comment on something that is really bothering my friends and me. What is the deal with so MANY Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives? We are sick of this show and have seen hamburgers, ham sandwiches, chicken, pizza, pies and all of the usual fast food dishes prepared every way known to man! I remember we all got so tired of seeing Rachael Ray 90% of the time about two years ago. With as many great cooks and entertainers as you have, couldn't you please give us something besides D, D and D? I'm sure Guy is a nice fellow but this is rediculous! What about something in prime time for the kids, like Cooking with Kids or Feeding Our Furry Friends? Reruns would even be refreshing. I have a few more suggestions but no more time right now. I used to LOVE Food Network but it's getting difficult to remain loyal.

  9. Ronald Tovar says:

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