The Next Iron Chef Caption It: Girl Talk

by in Shows, November 25th, 2011
Chef Guarnaschelli, Chef Falkner, Chef Burrell
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The playing field is now tied up — three women and three men remain to battle it out in NYC for one Next Iron Chef title. In this candid shot from Sunday’s episode, the ladies (Chef Guarnaschelli, Chef Falkner and Chef Burrell) take a quick breath and a rare break in Grand Central Station. Are they strategizing about the next challenge? Bonding and gossiping about the guys?

Before you tune in this Sunday at 9pm/8c to watch these talented female chefs in action, we’re challenging you, Next Iron Chef fans, to write your best captions (tastefully appropriate, please) for this moment in the comments below.

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Comments (269)

  1. Gogo says:

    Im sorry but I dont like Ann Burrell she Is a pig and I wish she would get voted off, If she wins the show is fixed. When she climed on the food in that case I was grossed out! I have been watching Iron Chef since day one and Im talking about Iron Chef Japan and America Both and if Ann Burrell Wins I will not watch any of her challanges.

  2. Nathalie Page says:

    I think there was bias in the elimination of samuelson. And Alton Brown has too much to say for not being a judge.

  3. Ryan says:

    the show is clearly rigged. the network is simply going to name the chef that they have the most stake in. and Guarnaschelli is just a culinary rube.

  4. Julie says:

    I agree. the show is rigged. All you haters out there wanting a woman to win, just cause she has ovaries. the best chef should win, period. otherwise don't call it a reality show, just call it "hey look who we picked to be the next iron chef" Anne is pretty good, but the best chefs are/were clearly Samuelsson and Chiarello (possibly Zakarian as a third)

    • anonymous says:

      One could tell it was rigged when Irvine was voted off, after telling Zakarian he did not follow the rules of the challenge. That should have put him in the bottom 2 immediately, I know our opinion doesn't count because the show was taped MONTHS ago… needless to say whoever I wanted to win, was a moot point, but the bias on this show is disgusting.

      If they wanted a women Iron Chef then they should have chosen ALL women as contestants. Simple as that.

    • sf4321 says:

      And you know whose food tastes the best how?

  5. Lark says:


    Chef Guarnaschelli: "Okay, Anne, you OWE me for the root beer. Now that YOU have the advantage, don't forget your friends!"

  6. Kathie Lou Eldridge says:

    Hey it's nice to see the girls rock in a male dominated profession. I personally love chef Anne. All of her dishes I have made really rock. I am in culinary school because of chefs like Anne and Michael Chiarello. I do not get to taste the food on the show so I can only imagine what it tastes like. All of these chefs are at the top of their game so the slightest miscalculation can send any of them home. Caption for the picture"guys don't have to do it in shoes that hurt.

  7. gma says:

    get rid of joo and majumdar…but especially joo…she has no idea how to cook or how things should taste..she must be too used to bland food in the UK…and yes, alton brown should keep quiet and let the judges judge..he is too worried about keeping things running on time…

    • LyndaS says:

      i believe that Mr. Brown talks too much because he loves the sound of his voice. Ms. Joo doesn't add anything to the proceedings. She's a waste of space.

  8. CieloPotter says:

    A lot of people seem to think Chef Faulkner is dull, but I honestly think she would make the perfect Iron Chef. She has something about her that one just can't help loving, maybe because she seems natural. Iron Chef isn't like Food Network Star where the contestants need extremely outgoing personalities. Iron Chef is about great food and extraordinary creativity. The Anne Burrells of the world don't quite belong because they are so overly outgoing and image-obsessed, that they become obnoxious, not to mention incredibly arrogant. That's the other thing I like about Elizabeth. She seems a little self-conscious. She has confidence in her cooking for sure, but not in her address. She is more relatable that way, and I think this most recent episode was a wake up call for her on that point.

    • JLF says:

      I can agree with what you say about Elizabeth, but there is also room for the Anne Burrels too. Being an extrovert does not necessarly mean arrogant. How boring this world would be if everyone was cut from the same cloth. We don't need to put down one to encourage another.

    • katiep says:

      I don't Chef Burrell's "winning is everything" attitude. Totally turned me off when she did "Chopped."

    • chocolatechunk says:

      I agree with you- She's not stuck on herself-Unlike Alex,who's got this idea that she's the only one right to be Iron Chef- The only reason she wasn't given the boot last week was because she was a better talker than Samuelson-They should have been judged on cooking not talking.If Alex wins I may have to stop watching Iron Chef,Shes just not someone I care to watch.

      • JLF says:

        I have never seen or heard anything from Chef Alex to suggest that she thinks "she's the only one right to be IronChef". I readily agree that the way the challenge was designed favored those (not just Alex) who are "better talkers" and that hurt both Marcus and Elizabeth. But don't blame a contestant for the bad design of the challenge.

    • Liz says:

      I really want Chef Falkner to win. I love her personality and charm. I like that she's serious when she cooks. If someone is cooking my food, I want them to take it to different levels with sophistication. Outside of the kitchen, she's absolutely adorable. Look at her interviews on youtube. She has the cutest giggle and smile. I think we need a 'not-so-loud" Iron Chef. Go Elizabeth!!!

    • FoodFan2 says:

      Well, I find Falkner unlovable. I also find her unlikeable. Of course, that's just my opinion.
      Anne Burrell is "image obsessed"? I don't see her as vain at all. Look at her. She looks like gets ready in the dark. Sure, she's outgoing and playful. That doesn't mean she can't get down to business and cook opponents under the table. Your single mindedness toward Falkner may have blinded you to consider other cheftestants, who may also possess the cooking chops to prevail.

      • Guest2418 says:

        Yes, that is your opinion and I have mine. I have friends in the SF area that said that Citizen Cake is the place to be. I haven't been there, but I trust my friends when they say the food and desserts are worth the drive. I'm just letting people know that she may be "unlovable" and "unlikeable" by people like you, but have you ever interacted with her in person? Hmmm… So, am I single-minded? I think not! I think every one of them are great chefs with lots to offer. I just favor Elizabeth because her technique blows me away. It's almost unimaginable. Have a good day.

  9. D Robinson says:

    WILL NOT WATCH FOOD NETWORK SHOW ANYMORE. I have been a faithful watcher for a very long time. No more. Michael Symon should not have been a judge on this show. I think the show will have a lot less viewers. I am one of them. Wake up Food Network!!!!!!!

  10. FleurdeLIS says:

    Alex speaking, "I can't believe my bullsh*t story kept me going. I thought I was toast!"
    Falkner; "Yeah, you were smart."
    Anne; "I think you were more lucky than smart."

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