Ballpark Fun Facts — The Next Iron Chef

by in Shows, November 9th, 2011

marcus samuelsson and robert irvine on the next iron chef
Behind the scenes on the Next Iron Chef, Food Network’s culinary production team is responsible for making sure that the rival chefs have everything they need to cook and present their dishes — from a stocked pantry to plenty of serving vessels. Executive culinary producer Jill Novatt shared some fun facts about what it took to pull off the ballpark challenge at San Diego’s Petco Park in episode two.

How many hours did it take to film the Petco Park baseball challenge?
Seventeen hours. We started setting up at the stadium at 4am and loaded up our truck and rolled out at 9pm to drive back to L.A.

What pantry ingredients were provided in addition to the food the chefs collected from ballpark stands?
Dried spices, fresh herbs, olive oil, canola oil, salt and pepper, and that was it.

michael chiarello on the next iron chef

How many concession stands were open for the chefs to shop for ingredients?
Four concession stands and three food carts. Each chef’s bag [of ingredients] weighed a ton! They were so heavy we could barely carry them.

What was provided for each chef’s cooking station?
Each chef just got salt and pepper and a cutting board and then there was a shared equipment bank that included pots, pans, bowls, fryers, food processors, stand mixers (with meat grinder/sausage attachments), meat grinders, meat slicers, ice cream machines and blenders. All equipment was communal.

More behind-the-scenes extras from Super Chefs, episode 2:

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Comments (161)

  1. issiez says:

    This post is weeks later, however we (my boyfriend and I) are still very upset that Chef Irvine was eliminated. The rules were clearly not followed in this challenge as are normally done with most of the programs we watch. We watch the Food Network daily and found this episode to be clearly unfair. We were outraged that Irvine had to even compete to stay, as he had followed the rules given. I will say we see the judges and network in a different light now. We believe Irvine was let go unjustly!!!

    • nes929 says:

      I agree Chef Irvine is my fav chef.He can go into a strange failing restaurant and whip up some beautiful dishes.I was hoping he would win.

  2. Occubyeduck says:


  3. Bill Gilruth says:

    I’m really enjoying the theme/design of your site. Do you ever run into any browser compatibility issues? A small number of my blog readers have complained about my website not working correctly in Explorer but looks great in Chrome. Do you have any recommendations to help fix this issue?

  4. Dawnskye says:

    I know food reasonably well and am a vegan too. It's hard to remember what to do with animal protein when you have not dealt with it for a long time, even if you know how to cook. Not having that knowledge to start with, it must have been pretty horrible. When I entertain at home for my non-vegan friends, I feel that panic of "HOLY SHIT what do I do?" come over me until I take a deep breath, look up some recipes, make a few calls to friends and have my memory jarred enough that I can turn out good animal protein and dairy dishes.

    Still, as rough-around-the-edges as Chef Anne is (she can be pretty crass at times) she got that Aadip was having issues and threw plenty of clues at Aadip….sheesh he should have caught on. Even if the portabella mushroom was not cooked perfectly, it would have shown he was trying to follow direction and was teachable. Not trying to put the man down but part of learning to cook is learning how to listen, even when stressed out.

  5. Stacy says:

    Carla's gone!! (And the relief washes over me.) I got tired of her flirting in week 2. Did she think all her lusty stares were going to keep her in the competition? She wasn't taking i seriously enough and she finally got booted.
    I am leaning toward Alina. She has grown more than anyone in the whole show. Risk taking that works out will bump you up to the top fast. Rasheeda has won challenges but I think she sometimes gets a little too cocky when she gets something right. I see Alina winning. Chet gets a bit offended too easily. He acts like he deserves a win all the time. He looks shocked when he doesn't. He's too much of a drama queen for my tastes.
    I think Alina will be in the finale.
    Oh, did I mention that CARLA'S GONE???!!! Yessssss.

  6. Kaptinmike says:

    That place was gross and the owner needs a spine, if you look at yelp it appears the place is already a mess again. She should hire someone to manage the place, someone who can take control because she's not going to…
    And what was with the woo-woo happy crap…hard to watch.

    • Mae says:

      You move on! We hope to get Robert back on the show!

      • girloftheworld says:

        you do know that the show is not live; don't you? There is no" bringing him back" from your ranting.. The show has been over for months.

    • Helena Wombles says:

      I totally agree with you! I'm finished with this show….Chef Irvine would have been a great Iron Chef. If he decided to just blow off the challenge he too could have made a great dish, but since he followed the rules like you are supposed to in a competition than he gets cut. No more, I'm done. If someone who doesn't follow rules and blows off what the bosses say is the kind of person they want, then hell with them, that's what they'll get.

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