“Heat and Meat” Fun Facts — The Next Iron Chef

by in Shows, November 2nd, 2011

The Next Iron Chef Episode 1 Heat and Meat Challenge
Behind the scenes on the Next Iron Chef, Food Network’s culinary production team is responsible for making sure that the rival chefs have everything they need to cook and present their dishes — from a stocked pantry to plenty of serving vessels. They shared some fun facts about what it took to pull off the “Heat and Meat” challenge in episode one.

What materials were purchased for the chefs to create heat in the wilderness?
Wood: 2,000 pounds
Fire-safe bricks: 200
Stainless-steel sheet metal: 550 pounds
Rebar rods (carbon steel rods): 25 feet

plates from episode 1 heat and meat challenge

Other than the fire pits and wood, bricks and metal, what was provided for each chef team to cook with?
One cast-iron camp oven
Two bowls
Two cutting boards
Two cast-iron skillets
Cast-iron grill grates
Two gallons of water

What did you do with the five fire pits that were purchased for the challenge once it was over?
They were donated to a group of Boy Scouts who were camping in the area the following weekend.

More behind-the-scenes extras from the Super Chefs premiere:


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Comments (82)

  1. YWang says:

    Chef Robert Irvine is the best chef on the show.. I am really disappointed he was wrongfully booted from the show. There are some less experienced chefs still remaining. I think the judges made a mistake this time. Correct me if I'm wrong.. but being an Iron Chef means you have to be CREATIVE and come up with new dishes on the spot that you haven't made before… which is exactly what Chef Irvine knows how to do. And… isn't it a no brainer that Chef Chiarello is going to make good pasta? How many times are you going to win in kitchen stadium making pasta every time? ??

    • Aurora says:

      I agree. Irvine went home! and Zakarian doesn't follow instructions and wins…and Chiarello only uses the secret ingredient once….and Samuelson is still there….

  2. Does a computer engineer play a important role in designing an aircraft ?

  3. Carmella Watters says:

    I love this show, faithful viewer..

  4. humancarpenter says:

    Both my wife and I were astounded that Chef Irvine lost for his creative dish that really showcased the secret ingredient, while Chiarello totally played it safe and made a stupid boring pasta that only used the ingredient in half of his dish! Weakness! We protest and demand he be reinstated!

  5. jamajessie says:

    Robert Irvine was robbed! He is the best chef out of all them and that includes the judges. I'm angry about this! Food Network needs to come and read these comments and see how we feel about the whole situation!

    • lal5869 says:

      Yes that is true How can McMillan win this thing arrrrrg! Spoiler alert on The Best Food I Ever Made they put up Beau's credentials which included winner of Iron Chef America????? Thanx Food Network ????? They also put up Executive Chef under the person who won Chef Hunter while they were still promoting that show in advance of the series start date

      • jamajessie says:

        Really I hadn't seen that yet! I am pissed! I'm done with this show! Food Network can KISS MY ASS!

      • JLF says:

        Well clearly McMillan didn't win. So all of the conspiracy theorists and those who are SO sure they have it all figured out can go back to the drawing board. Or – here's a thought – just sit back and watch the show. Roll with the punches and remember that it's just a cooking show. Not life or death, and the fate of the free world is not at stake.

  6. Pete M says:

    I turned this show off the minute I saw the the judge rigging on Episode two.

    It was quite obvious that Robert Irvine was not only better in the duo competition but also was absolutely NOT in the bottom two in the original challenge..

    Good job on completely discrediting the show and partly the channel after this fiasco.

    Robert Irvine is 3 leagues above any of those judges. How did those bottom feeders end up on the panel anyhow? Simon is obvious biased. Watch the 2nd episode again.

  7. Rosa Campay says:

    Is anyone reading this, other than the fans? I am having no fun watching the show anymore, since Robert Irvine was robbed and kicked out. You gotta find a way to bring him back. And get respectable judges next time.

  8. Jenna says:

    Anne Burrell… We all know you have it, it's time to start turning it up a knotch or 2, bring it! I think it's all apart of your strategy… Very smart! Keep it up, you go gurl! You are the only one who deserves… the only one who is TRULY worthy of being an IRON CHEF! Infact you could kick Cat Cora's a$$ around the world twice! I have been a Iron Chef fan from the beginning… since the Japanese version. Alex is probably your biggest threat right now… My only concern is that you have to learn how to perform under pressure… Relax, and don't go safe anymore because the competition is starting to heat up now… & Even if I've been an Iron Chef & FoodNetwork fan all these years, I swear I will NEVER watch it again if you lose this… Good luck, my heart is with you…

  9. Dana says:

    I really enjoy Next Iron Chef, and "Superchefs" has featured the most impressive cooking yet. However, I am a little jaded. Sometimes I wonder if FN hasn't already chosen the "next" iron chef and the rest is just Hollywood. Did Robert Irvine sign up to go through the motions, knowing he didn't want to commit to Iron Chef? Was he playing along? Do they each just sign up so they can build their "brand" as a TV chef? Either way, I enjoy watching them cook. They inspire me to be a more discerning restaurant consumer, and a more creative home cook.

  10. Lacy says:

    I really am disappointed that Chef McMullian was chopped…the judges kept saying only one dish for the run off last night but the one made two dishes and one was better than the other but yet McMullian was chopped what a waste the judges are showing bias…and I agree if the arrogant t Michael continues on it is truly a waste of time as then we know the show already had decided….I am really mad about last night's show.

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