The Next Iron Chef Caption It: Funny Business

by in Shows, November 18th, 2011
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In this week’s episode of The Next Iron Chef: Super Chefs, the seven remaining rival chefs head to a comedy club to cook up some humor in the form of all-star dishes that are made with a heaping helping of improvisation.

In this sneak-peek shot, Saturday Night Live comedian Kevin Nealon stops by to help host and chef Alton Brown choose the ingredients the competitors must incorporate into their dishes. Will Kevin and Alton go easy on the chefs, giving them common ingredients, or will they select the oddest of the bunch?

Before you tune in this Sunday at 9pm/8c to watch these guys in action, we’re challenging you, Next Iron Chef fans, to write your best captions (tastefully appropriate, please) for this moment in the comments below.

Who’s your favorite rival chef so far? Cast your Fan Vote up to 10 times per day.


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Comments (148)

  1. scott thomas says:

    As if there isn't ENOUGH CHOPPED on your network already..I might have to rethink my enthusiam for your network after seeing the Next Iron Chef show mimicking Chopped! What a down grade to have suck talented chefs reduced to the whims of stupid rigged improved idiots! You're taking a real class act with the finest ingredients and turning it into another cookie cut show.. Very disturbing trend with the execs of the show..Get it together and class back UP!!! Sat. night live it ain't nor should be!!! Pretty disappointing!!!

  2. Dawnita says:

    I like to watch next iron chef with robert irvine on the scenes… But he was fired by michael s… Hmmm jealousy? Anyway, i love watching his restaurant impossible..

    • Val says:

      That's right, why is most of the bad comments always Symon and a chef is eliminated. It seem personal.
      Why not another judge like Masaharu Morimoto who is tough and not jealous like the rest

  3. DAD says:

    Next Iron Chef needs a female – I say Chef Anne

  4. vicki_in_Utah says:

    Ann is the only one of the ladys that havn't won a challange, I hope she does on the next one. I like all 3 of the ladys….go girls

  5. skipling says:

    Rooting for Anne and Alex for the win. .. . Would love to see another female Iron Chef. . . Will not miss Beau at all, though he seems like a jolly guy.

  6. Ashmin says:

    can you guys PLEASE post the full episode video. i'm dying to see all the action and the amazing creativity of such odd ingredients. Thanks!!

  7. Nubbkins says:

    Kinda sorry to see Chef MacMillan go…personally, I thought his dish looked better than Chef Zakarian. Usually there are basic errors that cause eliminations; not knowing how to season correctly (especially salt), and not cooking to the proper done-ness. I've seen competitors on Chopped cruicified for that sin…and if I recall, some of them were done by Chef Zakarian.

  8. Pat D. says:

    Caption: "Well, let's see: if we pick by how funny the food's name sounds, 'kumquats' has GOT to be one of them!"

  9. nancy says:

    In my mind Robert already is an iron chef. Should have never eliminated him. I really think the chef was picked before the show even started. I hope I'm wrong about who I think will be the next iron chef. Just like worst cooks. The girl in the end chould have won. What a shame. Did not like that choice at all. Now rooting for Michael since you took Robert Away.

  10. bobby_fillet says:

    "Samuelson! How many times do I have to tell you? Just cook one dish!"

    • Yo... says:

      didn't he cook soup all through this competition, can anyone clarify. I remember one of the judge said that.

      • Val says:

        This past show he cooked something different. However he got eliminated. This past show he was smart making dumpling out of bagles. but it wasn't good enough.

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