The Next Iron Chef Caption It: What’s That Smell?

by in Shows, November 11th, 2011

Things take a turn for the sweet on this week’s episode of The Next Iron Chef: Super Chefs. The eight remaining rival chefs are challenged to concoct all-star dishes using common confections, forcing many of them far beyond their comfort zones.

In this behind-the-scenes shot, Iron Chef and judge Michael Symon gets up close and personal with one chef’s dish, closely inspecting it for all discernible scents. Will he and the other judges appreciate the fragrance of the dish or be put off by pungent aromas?

Before you tune in this Sunday at 9pm/8c to see what Michael smells, we’re challenging you, Next Iron Chef fans, to write your best captions (tastefully appropriate, please) for this moment in the comments below.

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Comments (166)

  1. Becky says:

    I really like Guys show, so I would really like to win this cookbook

  2. Patchwork1804 says:

    I want to win as I love Guy's show. He is the only person i know who I can watch with his tatoos. I don't like them but his don't bother me or else he is so good Idon't mind. I love his spontaneous humor. Please pick me!!

    • VACook says:

      Yes…that's the second time she's used that expression…once in the first episode and once in this episode. Ewwww. I'm watching this with my teens. Please edit this out, Food Network.

    • Chris says:

      Since you refuse to use a dictionary, let me help you out with one of the definitions of "orgasm":

      "intense or unrestrained excitement."

      Just because you don't feel like explaining this to your kids and only connect the word with sexual connotations does not mean the expression is being used incorrectly in this case. Sucks having to parent doesn't it?

      • VACook says:

        My kids have a great vocabulary including the meaning of this word without having to look it up on the internet. They also don't have to use crutch words in their daily conversations because they are well educated and well mannered.

    • freebyrd_96 says:

      Yes I do agree with you, Although the word orgasm has several meanings a foodnetwork tv show is NOT the PLACE for it. Poor Chef Faulkner was very embarassed by Judy remark too. It was very, Very uncalled for !!!!!!

  3. Jennifer says:

    I never thought about poaching the meatballs instead of browning them. Mine always end up too dry.

    • Danielle says:

      You are absolutely right about the judging. I like Iron Chef Symon, but Simon Majumdar is so horrible to watch Ive just about given up on this show. He has zero recognizable American credibility and treats all of the 'super chefs' like garbage. He seems so incredibly pompous. As for Judy, who the heck is she to America? And why is she even on this show? If this doesn't get better, or if it makes a second season, I won't watch without a changing of the judges. Thumbs down Food Network, and I've never said that.

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